Do you get lonely working remotely? Launching Today

After working remotely for 7 years and recently finding out that others share the same struggles, I finally launched CoWop - https://cowop.org

CoWop is a Remote CoWorking Members' Club.

There's 3 Parts:

  1. Community : Pre-Vetted Quality Founders, Makers and Hackers
  2. Collaboration : Virtually Co-Work, Round Tables & Coaching
  3. CoSpace: Physically meet and work from co-working spaces to coffee shops

I'd love to hear your feedback about it

  1. 1

    I agree with @lawrencestewart. I would put a list of physical spaces front and center if you have it, or at least a coming soon section with cities for the "cospace" part.

    I am impressed that the site is built on Webflow, and I like that you used .org, it lends some authority for whatever reason. The name CoWop makes me think of co-op which is like a school apprenticeship or internship, so I don't think it fits with your idea in that sense, but it is fun to pronounce.

    The video did a better job explaining the three C's (value propositions) to me than the website did, so I think you could tighten up your language and make it plain/easier to understand in parts with less marketing-speak. Overall, great job. Hope it takes off for you.

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