Do you ghost subscribers?

If you have a "newsletter"...

When a new subscriber joins, do you ghost 👻 them until the next newsletter issue?

The "ghost" time could be 2 weeks if it's a bi-monthly newsletter or 4 weeks if it's monthly.

During this time, they would've forgotten about you if you don't put them into a welcome sequence, or at the very least send them a welcome email.

You've already done the hard work of convincing them to sign up, why waste your time and effort you've if you're going to ghost them anyway?

What is your reason for ghosting 👻 them?

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    I currently don't have a newsletter, but the other day I read this Growth Bite from Indie Hackers about how sending a newsletter as soon as someone joins helps decrease the unsubscribe rate for newsletters.

    And instead of sending one after days which they might not recognize, sending out the previous newsletter helps them get familiar with it.

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      Yes sending an email immediately helps them to remember you and create a good first impression. Instead of enticing folks to join your newsletter, I'd recommend using a specific lead magnet to get their email address and then setting up email sequences every day at least for the first 7 days.

      The purpose is to keep showing up in their inbox so you become top of mind for your field. I wrote this post the other day about this topic.

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