Do you have 0 paying users? Let's chat

I'm making a support group for people with 0 paying users for their new venture

Disclaimer: I myself have 0 paying users

Comment below about your product and let's talk!

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    Hi there. I am Ilya, creator of Microns Newsletter. I promote Micro-SaaS startups to potential buyers. If you want to sell your Micro-SaaS biz, please DM me.

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    I think this is an interesting idea, although I would suggest that zero paying users is probably down to:

    • lack of (effective) marketing
    • poor product-market fit

    Of more interest to me are those that have a small number of paying users, e.g. 1 to 20, and looking at what might be going wrong there.

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    0 paying users. but I haven't tried monetizing my app yet. can't lose if you aren't trying to win :)

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    I just came here laughing.
    I built an extension 3 months ago.
    Current statistics:
    1,661 users
    The most used feature has been used 76,698 times
    81 off trial (it has a 30days trial period)
    1 paying user (which is me because I also use my tool)

    Technically 0 paying users.

    I agree with the problem being marketing. I'm alone on the project with CS courses to also deal with. Unable to give it much time.

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      Maybe copywriting would help you. Your marketing can't be too bad if you have this many users, the problem (I think) is that you don't convert them to customers when they are inside your platform, you have a chance to retain, convert and build loyalty if you use copywriting.
      Or maybe the pro features you are offering are not too attractive.
      Send me a message on Twitter if you want some advice.

      Good luck!

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    I have 0 paying users, but about 15 users.

    I feel like my product doesn't solve an important enough problem for my market, and they have many options to choose from.

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      Woah congrats on 100 Lighthouse score for the sites though!

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    From my end I can help out anyone with solid tech stuff. I have ran a zoom like startup for 10 years before zoom was popular. Now building ios and android apps are my forte.. looking for marketing cofounder as well

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    Yeah 0 paying as of today. What's your next step. We got a sales app maxcalling.com

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    Does it count as having no paying users if it is because your product is free? What if the total number of users is also small?

    ActivityRecommender in my opinion is a super useful project to help me measure what makes me motivated, happy, and efficient. It also can notice trends, allow me to compete with myself, and can offer different suggestions than I had in mind when I'm feeling unmotivated. It also makes it easy to save partially formed ideas for later and organize them whenever you want.

    Most other people that try it out report that they can't figure out how to make an activity, record a participation, or get a suggestion. I'm making some progress on this but it's taking me a while, and I think it's it's difficult for me to get enough feedback about what about it makes users confused or otherwise bored.

    If anybody wants to check it out, it's at https://github.com/mathjeff/ActivityRecommender !

    What's your project?

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