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Do you have a blog?

Javin Paul @javinpaul


Do you have any blogs?

Mines are Javarevisited ( and java67 (

I mostly write about Java, Programming, Software development, and learning resources

It's 10 years old and I still kept the design from old times.

What's yours?

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    Hi there, are you real Javin Paul? 😅I know this blog for a long time.

    Mine is but recently I'm shifting to (some content is already migrated)

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      Hey Bruno, yes, nice to e-meet you :-) I like the design of your new blog, its clean.

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        it's actually a hashnode blog, but on my domain. I like it too, it's clean and simple. still have few things to finish there

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    I write a history blog about interesting topics that don't get taught in classrooms.

    I've always found history writing to be extremely academic and dry. So I write easy to read, informative posts that anyone can enjoy!

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      This looks very interesting!

  3. 2 - I write about programming in Rust, live code streaming and DevOps for the early to mid level developers

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      One of the most cleaner blog I come across, nice well done.

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        Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that.

        I built it using Zola with my own modifications of the Hyde theme.

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    I keep a personal blog which is mostly software development focused (
    And I recently started a blog about personal finance and business (

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    Yes. I run — a tech publication covering sub-Saharan Africa

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    Mines I write mostly about frontend web technology.

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    I used to blog (years ago) on, but I've been slowly migrating a bunch of my marketing stuff over to a blog on Now it's just my personal stuff on the old blog, plus it's nice to have a Hugo test environment.

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    Hi Javan Paul, mine is the and my goal is to keep writing there for at least 5 years. Congrats on sticking with it for 10 years! How many pages does it have?

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    I write a blog that encourages women on how to take care of themselves; physically, mentally and financially. I used my downtime this spring to build the website with my son so that I could reach others outside of my private FB group. Enjoy!

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    I built my blog on the JAMstack using Hugo + AWS Amplify.

    I write about moving to the cloud, programming, APIs, and serverless technologies. It's been really fun so far and I keep getting more and more into it.

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    Hi Javin 👋

    I write over at

    It started as a personal blog, but I'm starting to be more intentional about building a readership through a weekly newsletter.

    My focus is on helping young professionals learn how to be more effective at work. So I cover topics like productivity, communication, leadership, etc.

    Blogging has been a really fun creative outlet for me and a great way to build up a personal portfolio.

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    Yes I started mine in 2014. I try to set goals to post X number of post a month. Each year I try to increase the number of post while maintaining quality. It's great to look back at what projects I was working on.

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    My blog is at . Using Gridsome to build it.

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    My blog is about Web Tools & Resources for Web People (Web Designers, Web Developers, Online Marketers & Website Owners).

  15. 1 - I write about Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, but recently I started focusing on the latter, I think I enjoy it more. I write just as a passion for the moment, no plans to monetize it yet.

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    My blog is at and I write about my thoughts and experiences in the web dev world.

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    Hey @javinpaul

    I blog at I write primarily about content for developers, including articles on things like technical writing, creating internal documentation, establishing better writing habits, finding writers for open source projects, and building an engineering blog. I also occasionally write posts on adjacent subjects, like UX design, project management, and information architecture.

  18. 1 - not an actual blog, but more of a virtual venue for people to communicate and exchange about their days.

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    👋Just the one for now, which is my personal website:

    I'm always writing about things I'm learning. Mostly on building hellotimo, learning to write, being a team lead at TransferWise and anything else that peaks my interest :)

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    I made my blog from scratch:
    I write about startup stuffs like leadership, product building, etc.

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    Hey :) I have a blog at
    I write about growing my product garden, as well as philosophy and some dev ramblings. I also talk about which is my attempt at building the most minimal blogging platform ever.

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    Hi Javin, my blog is, and I write about productivity, marketing, and motivation.

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    After about a decade of staring at just a "home page" with links elsewhere, I finally added my blog late last year. The topics vary around whatever catches my interest at a given moment, with different days of the week having different profiles.

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    We write about why agreements are important and how we're building our product on the wegree blog.

    Our most recent post breaks down why people usually object to creating written agreements and how to counter those objections.

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    I have a personal blog which is called (

    I use it write about Psychology, Life, Project updates and blogging in general!

  26. 1 - I help marketers to use chatbots in their marketing. I mainly write about 3 topics:

    1. Chatbot How To's and Tutorials
    2. Chatbot software reviews and comparisons
    3. Chatbot news
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    👨‍💻👩‍💻 We write about marketing, career, tech, business and more on Monthly Start

    We have strong opinions about lots of topic, sometimes it can be controversial but it's a good opportunity to open your mind with new perspectives!

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    Good stuff Javin, there's so much existing content (!)

    Mine is, where I reflect on life, my entrepreneurship/creative efforts, productivity, language learning, and other topics.

    Still writing about a variety of topics to figure out what I should focus on.

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    I have a blog about software development in general, Python, JS, etc. and I plan to also write more about Indie hacking as I will dedicate more time to that in the future.

    Some of the popular/favourite articles:

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    I'm in the process of starting a blog, but I do have a YouTube channel where I interview marketers, community folks, and entrepreneurs on how they make money from code. It's called "From Software to Sales".

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    Yep. I write about freelancing on Kodeblok from time to time.

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    Yes. It's at

    I write about everything but try to keep it focused on software, which means I have 900 drafts and delete a lot of stuff deemed offtopic.

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    My blog is about software development.
    Check it at the following url.

  34. 1 to communicate product updates and give background information on all things feedback.

  35. 1 - Mostly about debugging and solving network and software development problems. - About Continuous Delivery into marketplaces like Gumroad, WooCommerce and so on.

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    Mine is that I started in 2008. I just write 1 post a year now. Mostly views on tech.

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    I write about how I plan to remain unemployed:

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    Yesss, here it is! there we talk about content marketing and how it helps B2B companies grow :)

  39. 1 this is my site. here I also share stories about my products, tech tips, My personal experiences.
    Built with Ghost
    Theme: Aesto bit modified
    Managed Hosting Spookey!

    Theme & Managed hosting platform is my own product btw

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    Previously I used to write on wordpress. However recently I have started again on hashnode.

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    Hi Javin,

    I started a blog fairly recently. It's about web development, design and marketing. Let me know what you think!
    I'm impressed that you have managed to keep your blog consistent for 10 years! Do you get a lot of visitors? I read a lot about content marketing and the benefits - have you found this to be true?

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      I got a privacy error on chrome when I clicked the link, you may want to check if your SSL certs are valid.

      1. 1

        Thanks for letting me know Javin. Does that work now?

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    I started about a week ago. It's a blog that tells concrete stories and use-cases of indie hackers automating their business processes, so they can focus on higher strategics of their business.

    I also started a personal newsletter to keep in touch with friends, since facebook doesn't do a really good job connecting me with friends.

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    I discovered eleventy and was thrilled at the prospect of building a static site again! I recommend it highly for blogs!

    Over the last couple of months I've used eleventy to create a personal blog where I've started writing about software team management, lessons learned, etc. It's not focussed on any particular niche.

    I've also created a blog for my side project (Chinwag, a virtual watercooler for remote teams). The blog posts there are more about how remote teams can be more effective with posts like: "how most of us that collaborate remotely seem deceptive in video calls" and "tips for people wfh to combat feelings of isolation."
    I'm pretty obsessed with developing a positive workplace culture in remote teams - so the topics revolve around tools, tips and experiments on how to achieve that. I share some of the lessons learned from my own experience, from things I've read, and courses I've attended. The idea for this blog came from the "indiehackers start here" link 🙌

    Both blogs force me to write more regularly which is great as my skills have atrophied over the years.

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    It's on a modified Squarespace template.

    I write about what I'm learning and inspired by.

    I.e. It's not focused at all : )

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    My focus is to inspire all of you workaholics to carve out time for self care.

    Dr T

  46. 1 - My personal blog I built from scratch. Uses Golang on the server. No browser frameworks.

  47. 1

    ( is my personal blog. I keep everything I have learned about web programming in this blog.

  48. 1 just freshly release and want to achieve my goals to publish blog at least once per-two weeks

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    Hi Javin, your blog javarevisited helped me a lot when I started Java. Do you work on it fulltime ? If not why, because there are quite popular blogs, just curious 😊

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    My personal blog! I tried going for a really minimalist and fast design. At the moment there isn't tooo much content, but I did write a blogpost on free will that got quite a bit of traction (~20k views).

    Here it is if you want to give it a read:

  51. 1 - Though I dont own my own website, this is the platform I use to write about Data Engineer's day to day toolkit

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    i use to have blogspot
    then i make one

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    Yes, I run a personal and development blog over at

  54. 1 - it's been instrumental in growing our education platform

  55. 1

    Mine is more of less a replacement for my blog, under the guise of a newsletter. I write about startups, investing and entrepreneurship. I summarise alot of content from books. Launching it next week.

    Found here

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    I like the old times design, it's easily scannable!

    I keep a couple.

    CompileSwift (
    Everything I do with Swift programming and sharing.
    My jump point to anything me and my main 'everything' blog.

    These sites were recently switched from Wordpress to GatsbyJS to keep the speed up with a tip of the hat to Netlify for their wonderfully simple push and publish hosting.

  57. 1 I share trails and wildlife photos as well as insight into health.

    1. 1

      Nice one, bookmarked it

  58. 1

    Just curious, is it getting search traffic? If it's 10+ years old, you prob have some valuable backlinks to it.

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