May 14, 2019

Do you have a small-technical problem to solve?


I've said before I'm currently looking for ideas to start a side project, so what I ask to IH community.
Do you have a technical-problem (better small) do you want to be solved?

I don't promise anything, just asking

My bio:

  • frontend developer: angular/angularjs mostly, old java jsp/jsf stuff
  • backend developer: rest services, api integration, mostly with java
  • product owner: product design, problem analysis, task description and breakdown
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    Yeah, have a small PHP issue in WordPress (probably not what you are after haha).

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      Happy to help you out on this one! Check out

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      I think is more suited for a proper consulting ?

      And maybe require some access to your wordpress instance :D

      Well, you can explain your problem here, maybe someone can help you

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    I'd like to click on a button from my desktop to :

    • Login to my server

    • Enter the correct directory

    • Enter "ng build --prod --aot"

    • Logout

    I guess this does exist but dont have the faith to look for it :P But this would be sick for me :D

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      Thanks for sharing.

      Nice scenario, simple, I like it!

      Which OS do you use ? Linux, Windows, Mac ?

      At first sight a small bash script that:

      1. login to your server using ssh (do you user/psw ? or some kind of key credential?)

      2. simply cd correct directory

      3. ng build stuff

      4. logout

      What do you think ?

      I can elaborate if you want

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        I login to my digital ocean Debian 9 server using Putty on Windows 7 and user/pw indeed :)

        You're free to do it :P That would make my day :P

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          Hard to test with correct setup, my best find for now:

          Rem ----------------------------

          Rem Remember to setup your script!


          Rem 1) download plink from here:

          Rem 2) set env variables down below

          Rem 3) define commands file with commands you want to execute on server

          Rem ----------------------------


          set HOST_GANDALFLIFE=


          set USER_GANDALFLIFE=

          set PSW_GANDALFLIFE=

          cd %PLINK_DIR%

          plink.exe %USER_GANDALFLIFE%@%HOST_GANDALFLIFE% -m c:\commands.txt


          Or mabye install and use ?

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            Haha thanks dude! You rock!

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              you welcome :D