Do you have an affiliate program? Share it on my list!

Does your saas or app have an affiliate program?

If so drop a reply in the comments below.

If I get enough responses I'll compile a list to share. The more people who know about your program the more you can both earn.

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    Divjoy has an affiliate program at divjoy.getrewardful.com (pays out 50%)

    1. 2

      That’s generous! 50/50 makes a lot of sense.

  2. 3

    The social media scheduling platform I built called Pallyy has one.

    The commission is 40% recurring for the lifetime of the referral.

    You can signup here: https://pallyy.getrewardful.com/signup

  3. 3

    This is our product: GMBeverywhere.com, and this is our affiliate program: https://gmb-everywhere.getrewardful.com/ . The program is 30% for a year.

    If you find it interesting, do signup.

  4. 3

    BigMailer.io, an email marketing platform for agencies, offers an affiliate program with duel incentive - affiliates earn 30% of sales and referrals get 30% off 1st month. See full terms here.

  5. 2

    We're paying $40 for new mentorships and (coming soon) $10 for each session that gets booked through you mentorcruise.com/partners/. Simple, beautiful cash in hand.

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    blurweb.app have affiliate program for 50% per sale. just send a mail at [email protected] to join the affiliate program or blurweb.app/affiliate-apply

  7. 2

    We offer a recurring 30% commission for every client you send our way.

    1. 2

      Just checked your site - interesting concept and seemingly perfectly timed! 🦠

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    I run an affiliate program for Pintura

    25% recurring commission.

    1. 1

      Recurring: I’ll as that as a filter - thanks!

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    Of course - if this list already exists somewhere then share that too!

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