Do you have an open-source project?


Do you have any open-source project?

Mine, is Scaffold (https://scaffold.sh/).

Scaffold lets you create an AWS infrastructure, defined as Terraform code, in seconds.

It is composed of a CLI (https://github.com/scaffold-sh/cli) and a catalog of infrastructures (https://github.com/scaffold-sh/aws-static-website).

What's yours?

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    Yes, I have a bunch :D

    FilePond is the most popular one, it's a complete client-side file upload and image crop library. I finance FilePond with my commercial product Doka Image Editor which can add full blown image editing to FilePond in a couple minutes.

    These are other popular MIT licensed repositories I work on.

    • Flip, Online version of the classic flip clock.
    • Tick, A super flexibly library to build amazing counters.
    • Snippy, Quickly create your own custom WordPress shortcodes.
    • Fitty, Automatically fit text to the viewport.
    • Poost, Boost form post uploads.
    • Shiny, Shiny reflections on mobile websites.
    • Scrollscreen, Custom styles vertical scrollbars.
    • Short and Sweet, Accessible character counter for input elements
    • Conditioner, Load JavaScript modules based on contextual parameters
    • Tilt, Simulates touch feedback on HTML elements.
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      Holy shit! I'm impressed :D!

      Do you have any tips to be as productive as you?

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        Not sure if I got any killer tips, this is the result of years of work. It's simply very time consuming, both building and supporting.

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      Hi, could i private message you, i have a few questions about Github that i wanted to ask you?

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          Thanks, just sent you an email.

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    Nice! Good to see more open source projects here.

    I'm building Plausible Analytics in the open as well. Many of our customers don't trust Google and Facebook with their data so they're looking for an open source analytics tool as an alternative.


    Making money with open-source work is really hard. My co-founder Marko recently wrote about different revenue models for open source projects.

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    Made a static site generator with google sheets as CMS:

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    I have an open source java library that helps you create tables in pdf's using pdfbox, it's called boxable .

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    Open-source peeps assemble! 😁

    Congrats on publishing your project! I really like the look of the landing page. I'm not a user of any AWS services, but I'll keep this in mind if I ever cross on the other side haha.

    I work in open-source as well and my baby is chartbrew.com. I'm currently trying to create a community around it as well 😃

    All the best in your journey!

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      Chartbrew looks very useful!

      In my previous job, we were accustomed to write custom SQL queries against our database to export the data we needed. It was very painful.

      A platform that handle this for you and display your data in beautiful graphs will be awesome!


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    We just launched an open-source project on Product Hunt today.

    👉 https://www.producthunt.com/posts/misakey-1-0

    Misakey is a way to send encrypted professional documents and messages from your browser.

    • Store valuable documents
    • Discuss with end-to-end encryption
    • Delete data everywhere, for everyone
    • Share easily to anyone - no app, no account for invitees

    Our github: https://github.com/misakey/

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    I'm working on an open core business and the 'open' part will be a portfolio management/investing/backtesting software. Haven't released it yet.

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    I've created DevDash some time ago: https://github.com/Phantas0s/devdash.

    I'm a shell addict and DevDash allows you to get Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other services in your terminal with nice graphs, including output of command lines.

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      Wow, looks cool! Congrats!

      Are you working alone on this project or do you have help?

      Do you have any tips to share with us that have helped you acquire users?

      +800 stars is impressive :D

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        Thanks! I worked alone on the project. 800+ stars is not bad, but I'm not sure if many people use it really. I wouldn't say so, since I almost don't have any issues...

        I've wrote an article how I've gotten my 500 first stars. I first did it because some folks on reddit wanted Google Analytics in the terminal and I thought it was a cool idea. Then I just spoke about it.

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    Mine is https://jsonbox.io - a free HTTP based JSON storage.

    I also open sourced the source of a webrtc based video call solution recently: https://github.com/vasanthv/talk

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      Your JSON storage, looks super useful!

      I think I have seen Talk on HN recently ;)!

      Congrats for the featuring!

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    My product is commercial open source, with the core software being under MIT license. There will be features under Enterprise license later on - their sources will still be available but not under a typical open source license.

    It is also an on-premise software for complete data privacy, as the product sits on top of your database and has access to APIs like Stripe, etc.


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      Awesome project - starred! This is really useful as a database-agnostic data explorer for people who don't want to mess with SQL and just browse/edit the data. Must have been hard dealing with all the SQL dialects! 👍

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        Thank you so much! I am using Python's SQLAlchemy which is perhaps the most matured SQL-compiler/ORM in any programming language. The code on top is not easy but the library makes my life a lot easier. I get excellent support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite. Oracle, MS SQL is supported too but I am not focused on them now. There is support for JSON and even INET types of PostgreSQL for example.

        The tricky part is building the whole entities (tables/columns) vector according to what the user needs and building JOINs, Aggregates, Filters and everything from that. I have not entered Aggregates, Grouping yet though.

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      Looks very very cool!

      PHPMyAdmin is impossible to use if you are not an engineer and so painful to use even when you are one.

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        Hello Jeremy, yes that is true. This market now has a lot of competitors but not many have an open source core and are aiming for a well supported commercial enterprise offering. ReTool, BaseDash, Jet Admin, Macro (usemacro) and all in this space.

        My inspiration is a mix of these and Excel, Google Spreadsheets and Airtable. Google recently launched Tables which is directly in this space.

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    Yes, I am the creator of VisiData (visidata.org). We're about to release v2.0. It is a huge quality of life improvement for anyone who does data exploration and manipulation in a terminal environment.

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    🙋‍♂️A friend and I have been working on an open source search engine called Typesense, as an alternative to Algolia and a lighter-weight batteries-included alternative to Elasticsearch.


    We were on the front page of HN for 24 hours in Jan 2019: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22181437

    And also Product #5 of the day on ProductHunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/typesense

    We just launched a public beta of our hosted commercial version: https://cloud.typesense.org/

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    Thanks @jeremylevy for getting this going! Insightful to see discussion around open source. Might be relevant for folks here on this great write up around open source https://www.gwern.net/Complement.

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    My bloatless, JavaScript-free static site generator https://mkws.sh. I think it's the fastest in getting a site up especially coupled with a a service like Netlify or Vercel.

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    SaaS Python/React boilerplate for easy and fast creating SaaS applications!

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    I created a very simple static site generator sitegen. Written in golang. I use it to build marketing pages, corporate sites and blogs.

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    I am teaching GraphQl with Ruby on Rails and I open sourced the entire code - can be used to start new projects. Has auth and basic user a/c mgt features https://github.com/kaka-ruto/graphql-on-rails-auth

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    Scaffold looks awesome. 💯

    We've got a JAMStack boilerplate we've been developing called Bison. It's basically got the stuff we use to ship apps all rolled into one place - end-to-end testing, code generators, database management, etc.


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    Upvoting because I like the sentiment of supporting open source work. Thanks for this thread @jeremylevy

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    Cool Project!

    We just launched https://github.com/42coders/workflows to enable Drag & Drop automatisation on top of your Laravel Application.

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    I have a number of open source projects but most people seem to really like and use https://github.com/securingsincity/react-ace it's react wrapper around the code editor ace

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      Hi, could i private message you, i have a few questions about Github that i wanted to ask you?

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          Thanks! do you have an email address so i can shoot my question over to you? i only see your Twitter listed

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              Thanks, Just sent!

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    Hi! I am working on an API mocking tool for REST and GraphQL APIs, you can check out the repository here: https://github.com/adalyte/mocki and the site here: https://mocki.io

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    Hey Jeremy!

    Nice design! Did you create the whole UI? Congrats :)

    Currently running the private beta for Product Peep. If you want to collect user feedback for Scaffold, you can sign up on productpeep.com, we have 100 slots for private beta users that will get free access to the tool.


    1. 1


      Yes, I'm very proud of it because I've done it myself. As a software engineer, without any design experience :D.

      Product peep looks very nice! Congrats! I will try to check it out.

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    If only I had found Scaffold earlier... I had to learn the CloudFormation tamplate syntax out of necessity back in 2017. Great idea and best of luck with the project!

    I also have a few open source project myself - 2 big ones and lots of smaller ones.
    Scoold - Stack Overflow in a JAR
    Para - general-purpose backend API server

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    We are working on a set of open source Terraform modules that help you to deploy and manage production-grade infrastructure on AWS. http://github.com/mineiros-io

    All modules are released under the apache 2.0 license

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    Thinking about making my online community open source and sharing the members, analytics and hopefully revenue. Not sure if this is the right move though.

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    We have open-sourced static page generator for Clojure called Volcano which we used for our landing at OrgPad and also for our email templates. It is really easy to get started and it is amazing for creating small static websites. One can use very powerful Clojure programming to generate the web while the output are static HTML files which are very fast. It is very transparent since the entire website is described as a data structure. And while working with the website in development, it automatically reloads your changes whenever you save your code files (as in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZjFVdU8VLI).

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    Nice and thanks for asking!

    RoRvsWild gem: A Ruby gem to monitor Ruby on Rails apps performances
    Redis Dashboard: Sinatra app to monitor Redis servers.
    RoRvsWild themes: Color themes for developers
    Type Scopes: Automatic scopes for ActiveRecord models.
    Secure Attribute: Encrypt attributes of any Ruby object or ActiveRecord model.
    Teamodoro: Pomodoro timer for teams

    Currently working on a design tool not yet released.

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    How do we usually manage a crowd at any random place?
    We ask them to stand in a line or ask them to come at an allotted time.
    With SimplQ our goal is to virtualize these queues/lines and help our users focus on other important aspects of their activity.
    Do upvote if you appreciate the idea !!

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      Looks very interesting! Upvoted!

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    Nice subject!

    I'm working on a terminal emulator called squid, written in Electron, VueJS and TypeScript. Here is the github repo: https://github.com/QuiiBz/squid

    I found very difficult to get peoples involved in small open-source projects.

    1. 2

      Looks interesting! Congrats!

      Maybe you could try posting it on Hacker news as Show HN or on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/SideProject/ ?

    2. 1

      I don't want to discourage you, but I imagine you've got a tough sell on your hands. Most developers would be skeptical of a shell emulator unless there were significant benefits. What do you see as the advantages of using Squid over Terminal? Or maybe a better question, what's your vision for the software?

      1. 1

        The best benefit would be complete customization of the terminal, with easy tuning thanks to CSS. Also, the possibility to create themes and plugins with only a small javascript code could be very interesting.

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    Thats cool.
    I too have a couple.
    EvenCart - Headless eCommerce Software
    dotEntity - Micro O/RM for .NET

  32. 2

    Mine is Next Active Directory Integration (https://github.com/neosit/active-directory-integration2/ and https://active-directory-wp.com/). It connects WordPress with your Active Directory.
    There are a bunch of repositories in my GitHub repo at (https://github.com/schakko/).

    1. 1

      Looks solid! Congrats!

      How did you come up with this idea?

      1. 2

        One of my co-workers developed a first version many years ago. He received a lot of questions from businesses regarding PHP, LDAP, Kerberors and SSO. Around six years ago we decided to rewrite the plug-in, added support for WordPress Multisite environments and wrote a detailed documentation (https://active-directory-wp.com/docs).
        Nowadays, we sell our premium extensions and do support sessions fixing bugs in corporate WordPress environments when Apache/nginx, Kerberos and/or Active Directory is involved.

        It's pretty niche and has a lot of challenges :-)

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    I do a lot of open source. Most of it is BSD-licensed in the Python ecosystem, e.g. A Python IDE, and a popular image io library.

    Most interesting for this community are e.g. MyPaas, a tool to manage your own PaaS using Docker and Traefik, Asgineer a Python ASGI server.

    Most recently I created my first JavaScript library to create FAQ pages. It's actually launching on PH right now :D

    1. 2


      I see that your projects have more than 100 stars on GitHub!

      Do you have any tips to share with us that have helped you acquire users?

      Upvoted on PH! :D

      1. 2

        For most of these projects, things just went that way. I became active with scientific Python over 10 years ago, and there was simply a lot of work to do. There was no proper IDE, so I build one. There was no (good) 3D viz library, so I build one ;)

        It took many years for these projects to become somewhat popular though. Some projects I've been able to work on via payed contract work, which is great.

        So any advice would be, find a niche in an area that you like working in. See where the needs are, and keep at it. Or not, sometimes dropping a project can be good for your mental health.

    2. 1

      Hi, could i private message you, i have a few questions about Github that i wanted to ask you?

        1. 1

          Thanks, just sent you an email.

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    Cool! I see your first component is a static website, I think that's a good starting ground.

    What are you planning to do next?

    For Portabella I wanted to focus on features and not infrastructure so I went with cloudposse templates to setup almost everything (I actually have my own static website terraform module), an elastic beanstalk cluster, rds instance, etc.

    While doing this I was surprised there didn't exist a one click solution for spinning up the most basic things 99% of apps need

    • website
    • backend (providing a docker image would be fine)
    • database
    • cache (optional)
    1. 1


      Next, we plan to build a docker-based infrastructure that will use AWS Fargate.

      We will also try to add the concept of "plugins", like Heroku, to add databases (RDS, DocumentDB...), caches, and logs services to any infrastructure.

      While doing this I was surprised there didn't exist a one click solution for spinning up the most basic things 99% of apps need

      Same, here! You have some companies that have written Terraform modules like GruntWork or CloudPosse but nobody has made an "heroku-like" tool that will build an entire infrastructure for you.

      We also provide some cool features like "environments" and "sandboxes" that will ease the way you work with different environments.

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    Scaffold looks cool! Thanks for sharing

    I just open sourced my first serious project: a web clipper browser extension with automatic metadata extraction

    1. 1


      Wow, impressive! How did you do to have more than 300 stars in 10 days?

      1. 1

        Thanks haha
        Rumin already had some existing users so that helped

  36. 2

    I created Mockoon (https://mockoon.com or https://github.com/mockoon/mockoon) an API mocking desktop application. It's under an MIT licence.

    1. 2

      Looks cool!

      I hate that PostMan forces you to register/login.

      I will try to use it instead next time I build an API.

      1. 1

        Thanks :)
        Yes it was the first reason I created this app. No registration and no cloud deployment required. It's used by a lot of people who does not have access to cloud tools (mainly for compliance reasons).
        And in the end, I had a hard time finding that Postman had a mocking feature.

  37. 2

    That's awesome!

    I'm working on https://techmastery.io/.
    It contains community curated learning paths to become a web developer
    The idea is to provide developers with a blueprint of what to learn next, suggested free resources and allow them to keep track of their progress.

    1. 2

      Fucking awesome!

      It's something I will pay for.

      It's so difficult to find a path in all the courses and tutorials that you could find on the internet when you want to learn a subject.

      I always dreamed that someone build a website like this, "from zero to hero" on any subject.

  38. 2

    Yes, yesterday I released first stable version. Its react component library for building chat interfaces: https://github.com/chatscope/chat-ui-kit-react

    1. 2

      Thanks for sharing! Looks very useful!

      It may save a tone of time!

  39. 2

    Yes, I recently launched femtolytics an analytics solution for mobile. I'll have another one coming soon too.

  40. 2

    Nice idea Jeremy. I have this problem, I'll attempt to use Scaffold.

    Let me know if you need direct feedback.

    1. 1


      Yes, for sure!

      I will be more than happy to have your opinion on this.

  41. 2

    Yes, if you're interested also in documentation projects.

    1. 1

      Yes, for sure! Go for it!

      1. 2

        Okay thanks, I maintain a list of free Python books.

        1. 1

          Wow! It's impressive, congrats! How did you do to find all these references?

          1. 2

            Thank you! I put together the list over my Python learning journey. I learn best from books, so I save interesting ones for reference when I explore blogs, tech sites, and other resources.

            The project repo provides some backgroudn information.

  42. 2

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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