Do you have atleast 8000+ emails unread?

Well, many of you would agree with me about atleast an average of 6000 emails unread, and its a mess 🙆‍♂️

Like me even you might have subscribed to many newsletter but who cares!!
And just like me, you don't give a s***

How about organizing emails or search based on your interest and creating a minimalistic interface (mobile app or chrome extension) that encourage to keep your emails organized and 'hides' junk for you.

I am talking about a productivity tool for people who considers to upskill and not to get lost in google.

Problems you are facing now:

  • Not knowing what to consume (cluttered emails box)
  • Too many opinions and options when you search (too many search results)
  • Not knowing how to set priorities. (eg: bookmarked links unopened)
  • Uncategorized filters (research paper you receive yet couldn't complete)

Problems we are solving:

  • Find and organize the emails you should consume the most based on your
  • Find keywords you search for the most and save it later to provide you the
    best contents to your dashboard with a timer.
  • Find you the suitable time to consume bookmarked links, if you can't we will.
  • Based on recent search, we categorize the search and provides you feed to
    read through. (continue reading your research paper, set time or period for

Additional features:

  • Hides emails that you haven't subscribed to.
  • Interest tag manager : helps you to update your tags every 45 days.
    (no of days are customizable)
  • Set milestones: Lets us do our job to ensure you achieve the milestone or we
    prompts you delete the app.
  • Customizable dashboard view.

Let me hear your thoughts or opinions.

I will make sure i will keep it clean slate, No BS.

  1. 4

    do a dopamine detox and you won't have that as an issue anymore.
    gmail tried to fix it some with separating topics and important..
    There is the superhuman email things for people who actually have tons on important emails, like run a company, not subscribe to [non-]newsletters
    organised junk is still junk, it doesn't add value

    1. 1

      I take your point and i will definitely give it a try 'Dopamine Detox' !
      Gmail wont fix these issues nor i am trying to fix your gmail.

      like i said, i am creating a different dashboard to maintain good habits of utilizing the right information by understanding the pattern of your keywords and interest and providing you a great habit of implementing or completing your task day to day.

      Consider google assistant for your upskilling.

      please note: i am not trying to remove anything from your email or nor trying to manipulate your gmail.

      May be you are not my audience who like to have everything organized.

  2. 2

    I would be super interested ! I currently have more than 13000 unread emails in my main inbox because :

    1. I'm lazy
    2. I have some emails with very important stuff and I'm afraid of deleting them during the cleaning process

    What would be the price range for your service ?

    1. 1

      I havent thought about any pricing, this is a proof of concept stage and yet to decide about pricing.

  3. 1

    Have you heard of superhuman? They've just shipped a new feature that could declutter your inbox with a couple of clicks.

    1. 1

      Superhuman by Rahul Vohra, I was waiting for the access and its been a long haul.
      Are you using Superhuman?

      1. 2

        Yep, it's great and saves me a couple of hours per week. They also have top-notch customer support. I'd recommend superhuman to users that get above 40+ relevant emails a day.

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