Do you have lots of bookmarks but still have to rely on going through 5-10 google search links to find same things again and again?

I'm working on a bookmark sync and search tool that can be your knowledge assistant and assist you every time you search for something.

need feedback on what do you guys on what you feel about this and also will you be excited to give it a try.

Would you be interested in a better bookmark search tool?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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    Hello Everyone, i have launched a chrome extension starting with a basic search bookmarks feature. please check it out, i would be grateful for any honest reviews, feedbacks or feature requests. please find the install link on the teamlink product page (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/teamlink) and follow it for getting updates on updates & releases.

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    Yes but I'd also like it to be something like a browser extension.

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      Thanks praveen, yes im working on a browser extension for this.

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    1. It has to be browser addon. I'm unlikely to use a SaaS product for that.
    2. there was a product launched on ProductHunt that searched work-related links in browser history. E.g. it would index my Jira, Figma, GitHub, GoogleDocs and other pages. I can't find it any more. I would totally use a product like that. Would happily pay a small amount for it. But again, not as a SaaS - my history is not for share.

    If the above was useful, can you give me a brief feedback on https://stackmuncher.com?

    • what are the top 1-2 questions go through your mind after looking around that page?
    • what was the first thing you clicked on, if any?
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      About Stackmucher

      • Nice idea i would say, as you have mentioned you are running some kind of analysis program which can be run locally... i'm assuming in this case you will grow your index incrementally... one thing you could do is analyse all public repos on github (if not doing already) to give a initial push to the number of profiles (tagged as open source contributor or something... also think about how appreciated someones opensource work is already on github by stars and forks)...

      • one think i was looking for but didnt found was location based search... it would be good to have a location filter (starting with country then may be city too)

      • the search i would say would be great UX if it works without the submit hit... i should just write and react based update the result without reloading...

      • you can improve what world is working on... as a tag cloud... somehow you will need to find some attribute of usage, developers working on etc... and make it a tag cloud with most relevant technologies bolder, higher font, on top etc... (currently its not that usable as i see lot of stuff in this and all equal font)

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        Very insightful. Thanks Deep! :)

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      Thanks Max, this is very helpful. i'm working on browser addon however a future feature i'm thinking is to give ability to sync this data between different devices/browsers (configurable)... i guess privacy would certainly be a concern in such cases.

      PS: ill DM you my feedback on stackmucher

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