Do you have questions about writing your website?

Hey hackers! I'm a freelance copywriter who writes exclusively for early-stage startups. I'm planning on starting a newsletter for founders about copywriting. It's going to cover writing copy for your landing page, how to do customer research, coming up with value props, optimizing your conversions, and at a later stage, email sequences.

I've come up with three possible PDF lead magnets that I think would be useful. I've put them below in the poll, but would love to know your thoughts.


Which one would you want the most?
  1. [TEMPLATES] How to write a hero section that gets conversions
  2. [GUIDE] What makes a good landing page in 2021
  3. [REPORT] 100 Startup landing page designs
  4. These all look boring (please give a suggestion in the comments)
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    Additional (and probably different) idea: Copy refactoring. Similar to [UI refactoring] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT4WRRhacWk) where you take an existing (or imaginary) landing page and rewrite the copy pointing out errors, rooms for improvement and rationale.

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      Oh wow! This is incredible! I can certainly do something like that. But with a lot less production value until I actually have an audience. Thank you :)

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    Hey chief, thanks for doing this! :)

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    As someone who has been deep in the search engine optimization game, knowing how to write for search engines as well as for people simultaneously is one of the most important copywriting skills for those writing for sites. Nothing like free, lasting traffic that is already "opted in" from making the search in the first place.

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    Voted. We think a guide for landing pages would be a great help to us founders who are struggling with quality content creation.

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    I think a guide brings a lot of value as it gives a global understanding and strategy to have an efficient and optimized LP that retains customers. IMO, it differentiates itself from the template as a guide also help increase conversion but also leaves more room for creativity.

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    It has to be specific, and the hero section is a really specific problem that you can give examples for.

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    That'll be really helpful, especially for foreign founders that do not have this cultural thing about mentioning good selling points and wording in general.

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    This would be so helpful! I'm building a B2B platform to generate leads so it would be really helpful to have a guide on relevant content/format that nudges conversions!

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    Voted. Thanks a gain for the feedback!

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