Do you know anyone that would use my product if I finished it?

Hey folks, I'm working on the last few sprints for a new project I have been working on.

It is basically a scheduling website that takes into account the location of your meetings and allows you to set a maximum distance buffer between meetings. This way you can still provide your calendar link for others to book your time, but if they will be too far from your prior booking the calendar won't allow the customer to book that slot.

I'm thinking cleaning services/electricians/plumbers/etc, anyone that works residential-visiting jobs might like this. That way they can allow clients to independently book a time for them to go to their home, but prevents cases where the electrician is expected to cross the city for their next appointment for example.

Would love some feedback before dedicating additional time to finishing this!

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    A really good niche for this would be solar sales people. They have appointment setters that go out and set appointments for them. The problem is sometimes one setter will set an appointment at 1PM on one side of time and then another will set another appoint on the other end of town at 1:30PM.

    I no longer do that job, but when I did, I definitely felt the pain from time to time.

    There is a door 2 door salesmen group on facebook that would be good to get some feedback on a prototype.

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      good tips, thank you! Were 30 minute meetings common? I am debating setting the meeting length as an option in v1.0 or just making all meetings a fixed 1hr or 30min slot.

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