Growth July 6, 2020

Do you know applications where you only log in through a link received by email?


Hi there

I'm wondering if you've ever used applications where you only connect via a link received by email. If yes, which ones? Does this seem like a good way for you?

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    Substack does this.

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      Thanks, I didn't know about substack

  2. 1 does it as well. I like it, but sometimes I have to wait for the email a couple of minutes and that is annoying.

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      I think this is the biggest downside of 'email link only' login functionality. You have to ensure that your transactional email service is super reliable and blazing fast.

      Thankfully the services I use that have this facility usually provide the link within a few seconds. It would be majorly frustrating to have to wait minutes or sometimes not have the email turn up at all.

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        Yes, you're right, the mail service must be rock solid. Otherwise the desired UX would turn against us!

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          I will also argue that there could be issues with the email provider, issues with the internet being spotty. Lot's of issues. I would give the people both options because remember, not everybody has high-speed internet.

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    Hi @vincentoff I do that with all my apps. It's really nice because it verifies emails and you don't need all password recovery and all that. However I did have some complains so I recommend to add also social login like Google with it.

    It's particularly useful if you have a per user pricing because it's hard to share one email.
    I use JWT tokens for it. Let me know if you need more details on the specifics.

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      Thanks for your feedback @cosbgn! It's interesting, can you share with me your apps ? I know the JWT tokens, I also use them but not yet to generate temporary login links

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    FullStory does this, as does EnvKey. I use and love both tools, and don't think this is a problem at all - Sometimes, especially on my mobile when I don't have my password manager handy, it is a really cool way to get into a service quickly.

    I believe Slack and MailChimp also offer this as an optional login method outside of the standard username/password.

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    slack's magical link?

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      Yes you're right, as much as I love Slack I don't think their magics link user experience is that great. How often do you use it?

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    Token authentication is quite cool - especially for low engagement products, where you don't want to subscribe to. The Wordpress plugin s2member offers such a token authentication for the sale of temporary access. Do you plan to implement it somewhere?

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      Thanks I didn't know s2member plugin. That's interesting!
      In my case I'm thinking about implementing it in a privacy based electronic signature application: