Looking to Partner Up June 11, 2020

Do you need a Tech Co-Founder/MVP?


Hi, I’m looking for some cool side project to train my frontend and Rails skills ^^ Is there anyone with an interesting idea and needs tech co-founder etc?

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    I head a robotics firm and am currently looking for talent. Reach out if interested!

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      Hi, could you tell me more about it?

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        Of course. Vargr is attempting to bring consumer grade robotics to the masses. We offer affordable alternatives to companies like Boston Dynamics and Unitree. If you would like to learn more and discuss a possible partnership feel free to email me at [email protected] Also I am in Poland for the next 2 weeks in Warsaw so possibly we can meet to discuss upcoming projects.

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    Ping me! Email in my profile

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    Hi! We are looking for a tech person to join our founding team :) We're a remote first sextech company building an intimacy wellness app to help couples with kids feel more like lovers and less like roommates.

    We have a no-code prototype live at the moment and already have a few paying monthly subscriptions. Now working through our app wireframes / UX and looking for someone to take it to the next level with us!

    prototype sign up here: https://love.getgilly.com

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      Hi, what do you exactly expect from your website? How would it work? Apart from whats shown in demo preview of course ^^

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        Not website... we plan to develop a mobile app — or at least move our current prototype towards that direction while iterating quickly as we continue to learn from our users. Think: the motivation of a fitness app + the fun of gaming + holistic ethos of a mindfulness app — for couples to deepen intimacy together.

        We can jump on a call and I can share more details if you'd like!

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          Hi, although I really like your idea, I just want to keep improving in web development ;/ I'm sorry Erin.

          PS: However, If you want to set up a cool website in the future. Hit me up ^^

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    Hi there.

    I am looking for a tech cofounder for my startup: www.twoplacesjobs.com.

    Developing a communication app for the restaurant and food industry.

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      Hi ^^ So its going to be a webapp for people who want to get into food industry really fast? Did I get it right?

      Because after reading your page, I imagine it as a place where restaurants share their knowledge (recipes, experience, maybe even the brand) with newcomers, for a price.

      So in a way, it would be a place where restaurants can become franchisor for the very first time?

      Sorry for so many questions. I just really want to undarstand your idea :P

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        The app is for people already in the industry - business owners and workers.

        In a nutshell, it's Slack and FB Group function is what I've been imagining.

        Problems are:
        • Running and working at a restaurant & food industry is time critical.
        • There are many emergency/time sensitive problems you need to solve (like you have to open a restaurant in two hours and the chef calls in sick.)
        • There are many different ways to communicate to solve your immediate problems.
        • Many times, there are too much information and hard to find what you are looking for (Facebook professional groups).
        • Many business owners and workers don't have time to sit and browse all the information online.

        To solve these problems, I want to make one simple app so the business owners and workers, vendors can communicate effectively, receive timely response, and find information they need to solve urgent and non-urgent problems.

        Here is a brief article: https://twoplacesapp.substack.com/p/weekend-summary-may-23-2020

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          So it's going to be a mobile app, since the timely response is extremely important?

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            Yes. Mobile app first. Web app later.

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              It may be a problem, since I have no experience in building mobile apps yet ^^

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                However, if you need to test your idea as a mobile app. I would advise doing it using a no coding solution. This one is quite a goodie www.app.adalo.com ^^

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                  Ok. Thank you. I did find someone who can help develop a mobile app product.

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    Yes, we do!

    • Where are you located?
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      Cool ^^ I'm located in Poland

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    Hey Babilon (if that's your real name - that's fucking sick)! Thanks for opening up to opportunities!

    I'm looking for a tech co-founder with predominantly frontend focus to bring a cool, yet relatively straightforward, web-based idea to live.

    The project is called Swappzy (yes, I snatched the .com domain, so it's automatically 50% cooler). To make it easier for you to understand, it would essentially be an eBay clone BUT specifically for second-hand gaming & tech market - allowing users to buy & sell pre-owned games, collectibles, consoles, tech & hardware and digital items in the future (such as in-game items). More than happy to look into acquiring ready marketplace scripts and customising, rather than building from the ground up.

    Check-out the front page UI wireframe to better grasp the idea: https://xd.adobe.com/view/34444250-5966-4836-62f6-936cfc406b8d-4275/

    As a start, it would be deployed in Australia but the idea is definitely expandable to other regions. It addresses the problem of pre-owned gaming & tech stores robbing the sellers of value and re-selling items for way more than they actually pay users. And it offers a much better functionality & UI for these specific purposes & products compared to eBay, Facebook Marketplace & Gumtree.

    Similar ideas do exist: swappa.com, gameflip.com etc. Although, nothing is available in the Australia region. More than happy to discuss how our approach is and would be strategically different from existing players.

    So what would front-end involve in a nutshell?

    • Product listing
    • Custom UI & UX (UI will be provided - Adobe XD)
    • Product listing
    • Product page
    • Seller profile
    • Search functionality with filtering & sorting options
    • Wish list
    • PayPal integration. The ability for sellers to sell directly on the platform with a regular PayPal account (NOT BUSINESS)
    • Custom fees structure - ability to charge the buyer, not the seller
    • Admin-approve function
    • Cart functionality to purchase multiple items simultaneously
    • Comments, chats & offers function

    What do I bring? I'm a project manager & ex digital marketer with experience in managing small to medium-scale projects, building teams, financial forecasts, marketing strategy, industry relationships, strategic positioning & am generally fun guy to hang out with.

    Hit me up, would love to catch up over a virtual drink or a coffee (whatever floats your boat.)


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    How’s it going ? Did you find your opportunity ?


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    Tech Founder's a big deal, I'm curious how others manage to find early teams. I've been working on multiple pet projects and have strong experience in backend. https://github.com/devdinu Have faced similar issues finding frontend folks to collaborate so manage to learn some react and got this up http://covided.info.

    We can catchup and figure out way to collaborate. Even if not for project commitment i'm looking forward to networking with people with alternate skill so eventually we can do a project together :)