Do you need help deploying your SaaS?

You're done coding the core features of your SaaS, and want to make it available to the world.

What do you need to do ?

You heard about AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, DigitalOcean, but all those names make your head spin...

You may have created and account, now what ? Where do you go ? What do you do ?

You heard that those platforms can become very expensive and you don't want to be ruined.

Come talk to me, and we'll get this sorted together.

I've been an SRE for close to 5 years, working with production deployments in the financial sector hosting more than 350k users and growing. I want to help you get started in the best way possible.

Let's get you in front of those customers !

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    Honestly, just use Render or Heroku in the beginning. There's absolutely no need to roll your own infrastructure (not even k8s) unless you have very specific needs. I prefer to sleep at night than worry about my complicated infrastructure going down.

    Of course, at a certain stage, it may be appropriate to move off a PaaS to something like k8s. But in the beginning, keep it simple.

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      I have to agree with @cpursley here. A better start is with managed services (although it's possible that's what Marlin would recommend you as well). A lot of people want to run their applications for themselves, but don't put enough effort to learn things properly. And while missing a performance directive is completely fine, it's not okay to lose customer data or get hacked.

      For those that want to learn how things work, I am putting together Deployment from Scratch so anybody can be a proper DevOps or SRE person for their startup. But there is really a lot to learn. Getting professional help is always a plus, so I can only second the idea of talking with someone more experienced in the field in the beginning. But primarily it has to be you who gets the hands dirty and learns what it takes.

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback !

        I agree, there's a lot that needs to be learned. But for the one who wants to learn, I think there would be a very specific path to get the job done on which they could keep improving.

        Yes, they probably will want to get professional help quite soon, but I guess not really before they start earning money.

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      I agree about the keeping it as simple as possible from the beginning. And it can be very simple to do it on a cloud provider as well.

      I agree that with Heroku, it might be even simpler in the beginning, but migrating away could be a much harder undertaking. Also, I don't know how many projects you can have running independently for free (or almost), and I will look into that.

      At the same time, some people might prefer to at least have a basic understanding of how things work under the hood, and you cannot really do that on Heroku.

      Finally, K8s is usually overkill, especially for indiehackers. If someone grows enough that using k8s becomes an interesting option, they probably will hire some people to get it running correctly.

      Thank you for your comment, that's really useful for me

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    I think you should include your rate or make it clear it's a free offer.

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      Thanks for the advice ! I will add this

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    Good service offering Marin. Good luck to you

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