Looking to Partner Up February 14, 2020

Do you own a blog, community or newsletter?

Greg Hemmer @GregHemmer

I'm building ContentCaddy, https://contentcaddy.co/, a service to help startups stand out and advertise on a network of hard to reach publishers.

If you own a blog, community or newsletter where startups can advertise their brand via a logo placement, banner, article feature, etc. and you're interested in growing your ad revenue please comment "Interested" below.

Prior to ContentCaddy, I launched a blockchain-focused service with the same business model and generated 6-figures in revenue split between 30 publishers.

ContentCaddy will be focused on tech startups and is a win-win for everyone as the advertiser saves costs, builds awareness and the publisher builds a new revenue stream.

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      I'll shoot you an email on Monday. Thanks!