Do you panic when you don't get sales for a day?

When I was just getting started...

I'm always disappointed when I don't see sales coming in for the day.

Which meant disappointment every day 😂

There's something called "regression to the mean" 📊

Instead of judging sales on a daily basis, judge over a longer time period.

Do you panic when you don't get sales for a day?

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    Well – all of this depends where you are as a business and what your baseline is.

    In our case a few hours without a sale probably isn't worth worrying about, but if that grew and becomes a couple of days. I'd definitely begin to worry and look to investigate which things may have changed.

    There are a million things which can have an impact on the business and in our experience those include things such as a change in Google rankings through to a bug which has made it impossible to become a paying customer. If we hadn't investigated (or 'panicked') then how long would we have left it?

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      Thanks for sharing! Last week I noticed a drop off in new subscribers, so I went to check my main lead generator page -- turns out it suddenly stopped working. Didn't change anything, but it stopped working. So understand where you're coming from.

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      something like this happened to me, had zero conversion ifor days.

      The most important pricing card was missing the checkout link...

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    No, I only care about growth, which is slowly picking up steam :) Numbers can be misleading. We have a conversion rate for free trials of about 1%, but most of the users convert to paying customers. The most likely reason for the low conversion rate is that there is no free tier and visitors knowing that they will have to pay at some point and cannot keep using it for free.

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      That's awesome! The pro is that you're attracting higher quality of leads. We also don't have a free plan. The free trial conversion rate for us is 0.57%. Have a lot of work to do to increase it 😅

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    not really, because at the end of the day there's other important things to take in that in a way is like getting paid..

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    Yes, it stressed me out. Same with churn mails. This is at around 20K MRR so it’s not like it’s problematic but I will start worrying about website / traffic / seo / etc where it probably isn’t related.

    A couple weeks ago I’ve decided to instant-archive all sales notifications and will check the stats at the end of the workday.

    I’m feeling less anxious already which is nice. Hope to eventually check once at end of week.

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      I never turned on notifications for anything, except for my Google Calendar to remind me of meetings. I think you're doing the right thing by only checking for sales WHEN you want it. Cheers!

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    I've been there.

    Pulled the plug too many times before without giving things enough time.

    Building is about slow, measured growth. Try to keep those emotions at bay!

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      Slow and steady wins the race 😁

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    Feels sad when 0/5 calls turn into sales

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      5 is too low of a sample size to judge. Have you tried at least making 100 calls?

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        i meant in 1 day) currently im at 3 purchases from 11 calls

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            how many sales would you make to validate you're making something useful? I plan to sell a product for $40, the pre-launch price is $10.

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      Be patient and keep showing up every day!

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    It's hurt less and less over time.

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