Do you play a musical instrument?

I'm pondering my next project to build with Bubble.io. This time my focus will be much more on a subject I'm passionate about, which is Music. In particular for me it's learning Jazz Guitar.
I've worked in IT for about 25 years and in that time I've noticed a lot of IT people are also musicians to some degree.
I'm curious if there are a lot of musicians within Tech Twitter, ProductHunt, Indie Hackers etc.
I've started a poll over at twitter as a baby step to assessing the lay of the land, then will go from there.

If you are a 'Muso', then I'd love to hear about what problems you'd love to solve, that could be solved with technology and automation.
One possible thing I'll pursue is a single location to store the huge variety of learning resources.

In my case I have Jamie Aebersold books, website links, free jazz lessons, paid jazz lesson material from Matt Warnock, written notes from a guitar teacher, printed out web pages, lists of chord shapes, audio files, midi files, garageband files, spark amp settings, links to communities.. etc etc. I'd love to consolidate this in one place, where each resource is tagged.. i.e I can then filter for 'Autumn Leaves' and EVERY resource I know about is surfaced. I can then formulate this into a practice plan.

Anyhoo, any thoughts on this are welcome.. and for now my twitter poll is running for the week over at https://twitter.com/MartyLindsay_NZ/status/1420193869279293447?s=20

[ps I've also posted this same content on product hunt if you'd prefer to chat there.. https://www.producthunt.com/discussions/do-you-play-a-musical-instrument]


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    I used to be a professional musician, but I stopped about 14 years ago (Markgreville.ie/about) The biggest problem with music now is the cost/income disparity. Income is diminishing to almost nothing. If anyone can come up with a new model for artists that doesn’t involve selling pills or crypto on social media, it will be a billion dollar business.

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      Yep. I heard someone once describe musicians as people who take $5000 worth of equipment in a $500 van to a $50 gig.

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    Very cool! I've been learning harp since January, and it's been an amazing journey so far.

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    In the lockdown, I gave my sister's Ukulele a try and was able to get my hand on it. At least a couple of songs.

    All thanks to the note sheets. That helps a lot.

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    I play the piano for 15 years, but I often don't practice these days.
    I really think that being a "Muso" broadens the mind and hence also improves creativity.
    We built an SaaS (Keypup) . We identified that devs lack an embedded oversight of all project data. So we launched a platform where all project items are nicely aggregated and remotely actionable (GitHub pull requests and Jira issues for instance).

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    Yes! I've been playing for years but have never been that good. I found a SaaS called HD Piano https://hdpiano.com/ and this has been a huge game changer for me. I've been practicing along their videos every night for the past year, my skills have really improved.

    If I were to start a company in the music space I'd build something similar to HD Piano, but in a specific niche of music. It'd be a ton of content generation, and licensing would be challenging. But I guarantee you'd attract users, and get some form of MRR going pretty quickly. This was actually my plan with https://www.pianojar.com/ Unfortunately, I'm already involved in 4 startups so adding a 5th is just not reasonable at this period of time. I'm hoping someday I can get back to it, as I too really enjoy music.

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      interesting, thanks for the references, will check out

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    I've been a guitarist or various genres for many decades (https://soundcloud.com/cyberferret), as well as a developer .

    Biggest problem for me, now that I am getting back into classical guitar playing, is finding good quality sheet music or tabs of standard baroque or more modern pieces (Barrios etc.). There is a lot of garbage quality, or simply wrong copies out there, and sifting through them to find the good ones has proven to be a real pain.

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      nice soundcloud :)
      I briefly looked for sheet music for guitar+piano for me and my daughter to work on, and didn't really know where to start. Possibly my idea above could work, with member contributed links to content on the web, collate a global list in addition to user-specific lists, but which also includes a rating, i.e member upvotes based on quality..
      good to get this convo going... brain cogs turning...

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        Thank you! :) Yes, a lot of the tab/sheet music sites have their own rating system, but it seems all over the place, and I wish there was a central authority that collated all the rating and recommended music based on aggregated ratings to show the best/most accurate ones at the top.

        And I don't mind paying for quality music either - I would happily do it, except I have wasted money on totally wrong sheets before, and after further hunting, found free sources that were excellent and far more accurate.

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    Learning piano an hour a day feels great.

    Don’t put it off! Just go for it.

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      Yes! I've just started learning recently and I just wished I started earlier. Really loving it!

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    One big issue for me is taking time out to practice each day. It would be cool if I could practice with someone who has similar goals, virtually. Having a buddy to jam with increases accountability, and works really well for people who have demanding personal/professional lives.

    Btw, I've wanted to get into Jazz guitar for the longest time but have been putting it off.

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      yeah, that's a good idea actually, having the ability to schedule and run a real time, topic specific practice session. thanks for the comment.

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