Podcasters August 15, 2020

Do you publish transcripts?

Alex Hillman @alexhillman

I'm in the process of adding transcripts to all of the back episodes of Stacking the Bricks, and added one along with a new surprise episode I dropped today reposting an episode with @louisswiss on his Sales for Founders show!


Currently using Descript for AI generated podcasts which are...okay. Thing is, I've paid for human done transcripts and they need cleanup too, but cost wayyyyyy more.

My current plan is to use descript to do the AI transcriptions and then pay an editor to clean them up. We'll see how that goes.

We also added a cool thing to the site that lets you click on the name on the transcript and it'll jump to that spot on the playlist. Also highlights the text associated with the currently playing part. That's some custom JS but works really nicely!

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    I use Descript to provide transcripts for my "Tech Lead Journal" podcast (https://techleadjournal.dev). Initially, I worked on editing the episodes along with fixing the transcripts, but now I have someone to help me do the editing.

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    Nice Name😂

    I actually have started to work on transcripts for my podcast. I've been using YouTube, they still need clean up but if you pay someone you're only paying for clean up.

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    I've been using Otter.ai for free transcripts and then outsourcing cleanup for a couple years now – yields great results.

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      I use otter for meetings too! Any tips for the human cleanup part?

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        I just put a listing on Upwork and can generally find a VA who is offering to do it for <$10/hr. For a 45-minute show like mine, it takes her about 1.5 hours.

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    I always ensure that there are transcripts when the main content is non-text in the work I do, as not everyone has perfect eye-sight or in the case of podcasts; perfect hearing.

    That said there is a need gap for 'Automatic transcript for podcasts with search'.

    P.S. I welcome indie hackers who has a product which addresses that need gap or has views on that need gap to share your opinion in that discussion(It's a problem validation platform I'm building).

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      Totally agree about the search piece, in terms of making it easier to access a specifiic spot inside a longform audio file.

      Curious if you checked out the transcript I linked to. It's not quite the same as search but if you click on the name of any speaker, it jumps the playhead to that spot in the timeline. We are considering making it even more granular, like each paragraph.

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        As far as searching transcript is concerned, there's another need gap w.r.t Searching YouTube videos with transcript.

        They way you have linked the speaker name with timeline is really neat along with the highlighting of the transcript according to the audio.

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