Do you quickly understand what is this service about?

Hi IH community!! 🚀
I'm starting this new service and I would love to learn from your feedback: 👉 http://growthseeker.io
The less I tell you about "how/what/why/to whom" we do it, the better your feedback on the landing page will be!
Specifically, I am looking for answers to these questions:

  1. What do you understand is the business about?
  2. What is the product/service audience?
  3. If you think you are the target audience, how can this service help you?
  4. If you think you are the target audience and the service can not help you, why?

I really appreaciate your time 🙏 😊

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    Not going to answer your questions as they are defined, but do have some feedback.

    Immediately felt the price was too high, and your call to action basically says "we know how to value our service" and says little to nothing about what sort of impact you could have on my business or even why your consultants are worth their salt.

    There are a lot of words, I didn't read everything, nor should you expect me to. I'd work on your one-liner and attempt to achieve maximum grokability above the fold.

    As a whole, seems like you're positioned very generically and are trying to appeal to any and all online businesses. Could be wrong there, but that's what I got from a glance.

    You talk an awful lot on the page, and don't actually outline what sort of results I could see. Making me read a laundry list of questions hoping one of them will pique my interest tends to fall flat, because you're making people think. Tell me I'm going to make more money, or that you're going to take my project from being stuck in the mud to launching to the moon. Don't make me think.

    1. 2

      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and time @joshtronic!
      I will deeply think about how to clarify the actionable results for the customer and narrow the positioning of the consulting services.
      I really appreciate your time!!

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    What do you understand is the business about?

    • Is it a subscription-based consulting service in product and growth?

    What is the product/service audience?

    • Startups and small businesses?

    If you think you are the target audience, how can this service help you?

    • Maybe not for me

    If you think you are the target audience and the service can not help you, why?

    • Same as above

    Overall - great design. I think all your bullet points are okay but may be too long that makes your landing page looks endless. @josberco

    1. 1

      Thank you Felix! I appreciate your time analyzing the page and sharing your thoughts! I am thinking how to cut the text, I've had several feedback in that direction.

  3. 2
    1. You are a consulting firm that helps business in various things.
    2. business
    3. yes, marketing & growth
    4. yes, I am not sold that your service will produce result. I may need to talk to you more to find out.

    I also want to know more about the people who are the consultants. LinkedIn profiles and case studies will be helpful.

    1. 2

      Thanks for your feedback and your time spent! I am figuring out how to solve it as I am starting up and it's just me, but as more than one said in this thread, it's a common hesitation point + the lack of understanding abut the results of the service.

      Impressive how many feedback and how much I can improve just in one week with you guys. Thank you!

      Regarding your point 3&4, I am giving FREE advice to understand better the problems I can help with and polish the offering (or pivot). If you are interested, just book here a call with me and let's see if we can help you https://meetings.hubspot.com/hello1331

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    I'm not a native speaker, but at first I was thinking about all you can eat restaurants.

    I think the main title is a bit unspecific. For whom is this service? For early stage startups? For large cooperations who are looking for innovation? E.g. "Flat fee consulting for early stage startups" "Pay 295/mo for unlimited consulting" would have been more clear to me.

    I would not use this service because I need a proof of quality when it comes to consulting. A picture of the advisers would help and also their background story. I would make it much more personal trying to establish a meaningful deep connection to the website visitor.

    1. 1

      Thank you so much for your feedback and time! Another great feedback that I have in the list to address ASAP.

      Let me kno if I can help you with anything related with my offering. I am providing FREE advice this month.

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    Hello Jose,

    1/ My first impression without reading your project is that you're developing a SAAS. (it's a typical landing-page SAAS design).
    After reading the text, I've understood that you're an agency/consultant that help solopreneur, small and medium business to find a better approach to develop their business.
    3/ I am not the target audience
    4/ I am not the target audience

    Good luck for you!

    1. 1

      Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback on the project! I really appreciate it.

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    Hi. I think your site may work better if you show the people behind this rather than some cartoons. I would rather see the person/people and understand their credentials. Even if for now it's just you, while you try to recruit others. I don't like the tagline (it put me off). Copy says "on-demand", "24 hours" and then "48 hours" where on-demand to me means "now". Best of luck.

    1. 1

      I appreciate your time @rab! I am taking your feedback seriously and imagine how to fix it. As you (and all the people visiting the page) inferred, there is just me for now, but I already have two consultants interested in joining the journey, so hopefully, soon, we could have a wall with photos of the team.

      For the copy, I am planning to do A/B test and see which one converts best. All the variations I have are professional work from a copy specialist, so I am trusting them. But as said, I'm going to test variations. What do you think about the tagline: "Get your own business growth consultant on-demand for a flat fee"?

      Regarding the credentials, the social proof of other customers does not give you enough trust?

      Thank you so much!

      1. 2

        How about A/B testing these taglines:

        • All You Can Eat Growth
        • Grow Your Business On-Demand

        I understand why you want to wait until you have a wall of consultants but everyone on here understands you are just starting out so it wouldn't be a problem imo. You could celebrate every time you recruit a new expert.

        Regarding the credentials, the social proof of other customers does not give you enough trust?

        Didn't make it that far; i.e. buried.

        1. 1

          Thanks Rab! Good point: if you did not make the social proof, means you are bored...

          I've changed the copy and moved up the social proof. Let's see how it works. Instead of using grow for the tagline I've put innovation+strategy.

          As I told to the copywriter, people tend to confuse growth with growth marketing / growth hacking so I don't want the visitors to think that I am offering growth marketing advice.

          Again, thanks for your tips!

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    I'll give this another look when I'm not so tired....

    My first impressions are that I'm not sure what exactly you're going to do for me. There are a lot of vague promises given, but I'm not sure if I trust what you say.

    You're in a competitive landscape which makes this even more difficult. You're above the fold text, it doesn't give me confidence that you're better than the random person messaging me on Linkedin. I get a lot of messages on Linkedin promising similar things, so these are the people you're competing with.

    I know I need to read a lot of your page to understand what you're doing, which isn't great for most businesses. Are you better at me than this, probably? Are you worth the price you're charging, I'm not sure?

    In reality, I'm sure you are better at this than me, but I want to give you constructive feedback. Please continue and find ways to make your business even better!

    1. 2

      Hi @smithgeek!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to review the web, providing such valuable feedback, and deliver the message so nicely!

      I am interested in your thoughts on how you compare my product with the guys who reach out to you through LinkedIn or other comparable products/services.

      Besides, I've seen in your profile that you are looking to help to bootstrap your ideas. I provide FREE advice for early-stage startups, so glad to help with problem-solving, strategic positioning, GoToMarket, and Business Model Discovery.

      Let me know if you want to talk by email (you can find it in my IH profile). I'll be happy to stay in touch with you and learn together!


      1. 2

        I'd put you a step up above the messages I get on LinkedIn. Mostly because having some random person I don't know message me wanting me to buy something is annoying. You haven't done that so that's great. I can't really compare beyond that though because I just immediately delete those messages.

        1. 1

          Thanks for the clarifications. Got it! Anyway, if you think you can provide me valuable feedback, I would love to send you a shot survey ;)

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    Spent 30-60s on your site
    Here we go to answer your questions:

    • You're an agency and you match an expert from ur network to businesses starting from 295E a month
    • Businesses that need some kind of refresh, with innovative, marketing, strategy etc etc that you provide
    • nope its not me
    • nope its not me
    1. 1

      Thank you for your feedback! You got it! ;)

  9. 1

    Seems interesting, basically a community to develop website/product copy so that it resonates better with your market?

    Could be very effective, I'm wondering how you would handle different industries/markets and who can comment/contribute to these?

    Nevertheless, nice work!

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