Landing Page Feedback February 29, 2020

Do you understand the service I'm providing?


Hi all,

I've been working on a side project that I think can help people. I was wondering if you understand the product and provide feedback?

It's basically a plug and plug approach for setting up your payment system using a portable checkout system.

Thank you.


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    Talktroop sounds like a cool product (essentially Stripe checkout, am I right?). Some things I personally would change about the landing page:


    A checkout method using an URL.


    A checkout method using a URL.


    Tell us about your business & products/services such as name, price and currency.

    To something simpler like:

    Tell us about your business, products, and services (e.g. name, price, currency).


    Add your barcode link to your website.


    Add our barcode link to your website.


    Talktroop is focussed on helping you to set up a payment system without coding.


    Talktroop is focused on helping you to set up a payment system without coding.


    Setting up a payment system is not straightforward and it shouldn't be. You need to code it up which takes effect and time.

    To something like:

    Setting up a payment system isn't as straightforward as it should be. Without Talktroop, you need to code it up which takes effort and time.

    Lots of those edits are rather subjective, but I hope they are of some help!

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    Talktroop sounds like it has promise, I do have some questions about how it will work. I've added feedback on That App Show

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      Hi, Thank you. I'll take a look.

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    I sort of understand it. So, your customer, a business that wants to sell online, would send you their product list, you creating a link for each product, and your customer then puts "buy now" links on their website that redirects customers to a purchase and payment form?

    How does it handle shopping carts and people who want to buy multiple items? Where does it redirect after purchase? On failed purchase? How is the customers branding handled on the payment form?

    I think there's a value/need here but maybe more along the lines of a JS snippet that the customer ads for each product for "add to cart" and a checkout button that opens the secure payment form as an iFrame.

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      Yeah except that it the redirect is a checkout page that contains all the products that you request to purchase. Perhaps the "buy now" phrase is not the right one. It should be "add to cart". I get the feeling there's something you did not understand from the landing page?

      It can manage multiple items from multiple sellers. For example, you add product A & B from shop A and product C & D from shop B. It will show all the products on one checkout page. You simply pay with a payment form.

      EDIT: an API is in development that allows users to add/edit/delete products.

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        Yes, I didn't quite understand the concept from the landing page and I think "add to cart" might be a better phrase. Alternatively you could say "add a link on your website and use the text that makes sense to you; it can say buy now, add to cart, or anything else".