Landing Page Feedback October 19, 2020

Do you understand what StartupBuilderMBA is about?

Jose Bermejo @josberco

Hi IH!

I would love to know your thoughts on the value proposition for my new product:

I would like to know what do you understand from the product and what would you expect from it. Any other feedback is more than welcome too.

If you are looking for feedback on your value porpostion, drop here your page and I'll provide you my thoughts too ;)

Thanks in advance!

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    • How about don't auto play it
    • The quality is bad, especially the text..
    • So your selling templates?

    your telling me again and again I'm buying templates like that is the greates of things to buy.
    as much as notion is known around some slices of IH, I bet it's now "known", I don't get it yet for one due I've seen plenty of mentions around IH

    If I try a bit hard thinking of what this is:
    you'd give me something that would help me get to "product-market fit" faster IF I don't have a plan
    and it's for me if I HATE plans
    cause this is going to be a tiny PLAN so the fact that I HATE plans shouldn't bother me anymore cause you said the magic word, it's tiny.
    and your selling me notion is cool

    then you list, here you can go get the templates free by googling these names

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      Thanks for your honest feedback! I love to have somebody telling me what they REALLY think reading the landing, it's not easy!

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        • List benefits not features
        • Have a well polished core message
        • Connect to things people already know..
        • If your gonna use negative it should elicit strong emotions, like be a strong core message. Just a subtle negative in a sentence is doing a disservice.
        • Know your audience and their pain point, like if you main title is like "hate planning but love filling notion templates" than this might be a decent page, but is it a niche? Is that your target group? Is your main target group notion advocate that love filling notion templates but nothing else and feel it's so radically different process?
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          Thanks again for your solid feedback!! Appreciate your time and help!

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