Do you use a Status page? What are you two "must have" features?

Hi everyone, first I'd like to give you some background.

My startup - Lean20 - takes the approach of keeping our products simple, easy, and fairly priced. We offer a free Status page product, and I was hoping you could help me improve it.

Right now, our Status product is very minimal. That is by design as:

  1. We will never charger for it, and we have to keep costs down
  2. We don't think every feature our competition offers is actually needed by smaller companies

I do, however, what to do what is right and build a full working product for our customers.

I was hoping you could help me out, and if you use somethung like Statuspage, or Status.io, what is the one or two things any product must do

Historical downtime charts?
Different kind of alerts?
Latency charts?
Something else?

Thanks for taking the time to read this 💚

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