Do you use any text analysis/text aid tool for writing texts? (Idea validation)

I have been thinking of creating a tool that would help me with writing content. I write a blog (https://stribny.name/blog/) and now also a book (https://efficientdeveloper.com/) and I am thinking about ways to make my writing better.

I am trying to see if there is a space for a text analysis / text aid tool for writing better texts.

There are many ideas that could be incorporated, some easy and some very hard to implement, but now I am mostly curious about the use case/business side of things.

To demonstrate this, I have created a little demo with following simple features (the demo is really limited and slow now):

  • it tells me basic statistics for the text such as required reading time, standard page count etc.
  • it shows me the most used words in the text which can be helpful for SEO or other reasons
  • it offers me synonyms for over-used words in the text
  • it shows me sentences that are too long

You can see it/try it out at https://textwok.com.

I have seen many similar tools online, for instance there are plenty of tools for analyzing text that output tons of statistical data. The first difference of this tool would be to show you only the most important things and also provide suggestions based on them. So instead of being overwhelmed by data, there would be some actionable advice.

My questions are:

  • Do you currently use any tool that helps you with writing?
  • Do you know of any commercial/paid tool in the space (you don't have to use it personally)?
  • Is there any feature that you would consider to be really worth to have?

I am thankful for any comment or insight. Thanks!

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    It's interesting.
    For example, suggesting synonyms seems helpful for non-native English speakers like me, who tends to use many times (and only knows) same words.

    Do you currently use any tool that helps you with writing?

    ### textlint
    I used this when I wrote a book.
    I managed my text on Git and applied checks by this tool by CI.

    ### Grammarly
    I use this for English writings.
    I think it has different concept from yours though, it includes something similar like long sentence detection.

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      The synonym suggestion is something I really wanted for myself. It is not perfect now, but I think the feature itself can be very helpful, especially if we don't have to check each word manually.

      I didn't know about Textlint, looks cool. Thanks for the link!

      Grammarly is heavily advertised (at least to me on Youtube), so I think most people know it.

      Again, thanks for the comment!

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