Do you use any Twitter scheduling tools?

I realize I've been using more Twitter lately, and I use mostly the Scheduling function in the Twitter web app. It allows me to set up some tweets and a date.

I'm wondering if you have some other alternatives for Twitter scheduling tools? Would love to try out

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    I sometimes schedule tweet with Twitter's scheduler.

    I've been following @scholz, he's making threadstart. Which has interesting features like post time suggestion, and idea generation

    Also @phuctm97 is building NotionTweet, which tweet from Notion and is open source

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      Thank you for the shout-out! 🙌

      I started building ThreadStart because of the horrendous thread experience when using the Twitter app. It's perfectly capable to schedule normal tweets as well. In fact, I'm actively working on making this an absolute breeze!

      I'd happily show you around @onmyway133 if you like. You can also just sign up for free!

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    I use Sendible to automate VimTrick’s Twitter account and I like it. The scheduling is useful but the queuing is even better.

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    Buffer's publishing tools have been battle tasted for years and worked quite well for me in the past. They are not twitter-centered though, if you are looking for more specialized tooling.

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    Honestly the best one is the built in tool for Twitter Web Client.

    It is the only one Twitter doesn't tag as a marketing automation tool on the tweet itself.

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