Ideas and Validation June 10, 2020

🚀 Do you use Google Sheets to run your business?



I've spent the last 3 months building an analytics dashboard that is automatically populated from a shared Google Spreadsheet. The app doesn't store any data, and charts are made on the fly.

However, I made the terrible mistake of start coding without understanding if the audience even exists. I guess it's never too late to do the right thing.

Here we go:

  1. Do you use Google Sheets to track your business? (income, expenses, customers, etc.)
  2. Would you potentially pay for an analytical tool? (not mine in particular, it's just to understand the market)

I plan to give the app for free for 1 year to early adopters. I believe this would help me to better refine the app, and in return, users would get free access (without any commitment to giving feedback of course!).

Thanks for reading!

🎉 Update - Beta is live!
(1 year for free on beta accounts)
I'd appreciate any kind of feedback and opinion :)

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    I think business layouts for google sheets is helpful like say for marketing. I still need to get a few good marketing sheets with the calcs in them because it takes to long to make those on the fly for myself. I use this company for tracking business income/expenses Hope that feedback helps.

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      The beta is ready, if you want to give it a try you'll get 1 year for free. Of course, any feedback would be very appreciated.

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        WOW your site is looking nice!

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          Happy you like it! 😊
          (on the landing page Tailwind UI deserves the merit)

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      Hey! it definitely helps, thanks a lot.

      Once I've the beta version ready, if you have some spare time, I'd love to hear your thoughts :) I'll give 1 year free for early adopters

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    I use Google Sheets a lot for social media tracking. Very useful! I prefer to manipulate data myself. I'd be very interested!

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      Just opened the beta :)

      I'd love to hear your thoughts. People registering during the beta will get 1 year for free (no credit card required to sign-up)

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      Oh glad to hear that! :) thanks for replying!

      I'll definitely reach you out once the app is live

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    I use Google sheets for keeping track of income and expenses, and of course a nice projection of MRR development over the next 2 years.

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      Hey, thanks for replying! I'll definitely let you know when the app is ready :)

      I did some assumptions on the original data model and I'm not sure I got it right.

      Is your original Google Sheet file structured in a "transactional way"? like, for each transaction you'd have a row having the date, the money value, and some other fields?

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        Yes. All I need answered is when, what, how much, who or where, with what, and maybe even the why. Pretty simple.

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          Just released the beta if interested! :)

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          awesome, thanks! 👍

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    hey Axvi, would you mind telling me more of the applications regarding the illustrations and such? I'm interested in getting to make your acquaintance further to seek out solutions to some of the problems you are having with your venture. I'm a master of financial planning and have a plethora of experience in the alternatives space. I have a quant that I just recruited that could also add massive value if he sees fit as well. Let's connect soon.
    best, NG

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      Hey! thanks for reaching out!

      The app is close to be ready, let's have a chat once the app is live :)

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    I actually use Google sheets for managing financial projections. It's not as in-depth as Excel but it's good because our team can update in real-time the changes needed.

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      Thanks for replying! I'll let you know when the app is ready, as it has forecasting (projection) features that might be interesting to you.

      Quick question, the app requires the Google Sheet to be formatted in a particular way:

      • 2 mandatory columns: date & value of the transaction (positive=income; negative= expenses)
      • 2 optional columns: transaction id, and customer id

      Would that data schema be compatible with how your data is stored?

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        I mean it wouldn't be compatible right away but it wouldnt be tough to change to that. TBH people have many ways they tag info I think I would be more useful to allow easy imports by matching tags if that makes sense.

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          It makes total sense and I think it's a great idea, I really appreciate that. Started coding already👨‍💻

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            happy to beta test if needed

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              Hey, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

              (1 year free access, no credit card to sign-up)

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                Great ill check it out!

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    Personally, I don't use Sheets much as I'm a huge Airtable fan ... if you're not familiar with it ... it's like Google Sheets on steroids -

    How does your app work? Presumably, some sort of template is required so your app can work with it otherwise you're going to be asking the user to do some sort of hefty mapping exercise?

    How did you reach the pain point where you thought an app would be useful? Would other people likely have the same desire?

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      Thanks for replying!

      The only constrain required by the app is in the spreadsheet it-self:

      • 2 mandatory columns: date & value of the transaction (positive=income; negative= expenses)
      • 2 optional columns: transaction id, and customer id
        All the reporting is done automatically, including plenty of KPIs, and data visualizations, date filtering, different time aggregations, forecasting, etc.

      On your last question, I'm very biased due to:

      1. My partner runs a small business and I've been helping her visualizing the data
      2. My day job involves lots of data analysis

      However, the success of other apps such Baremetrics (targeting SaaS businesses) makes me believe there could be a similar desire for people using Google Sheets for financial tracking.

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        Hey, I think airtable is awesome as well. I know it's pretty easy to set up integrations between google sheets and airtable