Podcasters September 9, 2020

Do you use podcast interviews to grow your following?

Kasey Jones @OurGalaxy.co @abetterjones

We've been helping founders land podcast interviews to grow their businesses, build their following, and we've started to realize that this strategy is also super effective for podcast hosts looking to grow their following.

But I'm curious to learn how many of you have tried this approach or are considering it.

What have you learned?
Or why haven't you tried it?

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    I have tried it, you can see it on https://chatimize.com/podcast/

    Believe me, it can work. But it is really dependent on who you invite, I would be really picky with that. Also, always make sure that the guests also share the podcast with their following.

    What kind of strategy are you using?

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      I actually mean you going on other people's podcasts. We've worked with a bunch of founders and podcast hosts on pitching themselves to podcasts to get those interviews and use them to fuel their own growth.

      1. 1

        No, I haven't used it myself. But I think this is a really good strategy. Also helps for your domain in the Google search rankings, because most podcasts have a website and then they provide a link back to your domain.

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