Do you use single or double opt-in?

For email marketing, do you use single or double opt-in?

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  1. Single opt-in
  2. Double opt-in
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    I always advocate Double opt-in, as I believe in building an engaged audience. If a subscriber do not see the need to just click on an additional email to get to your content, then they are not genuinely interested in your content and your work.

    I learnt it the hard way when building my product GrowthHunt.co: I gave out a free access on Reddit and it blew up, netting me over 900 subscribers over less than 6 months.

    When it was time to launch my product, only 1 person converted. I got a really pathetic open rate too on my subsequent emails.

    I've to start from scratch, doing the likes of scrubbing my email list every few weeks, doing content upgrades and crafting my welcome email to encourage engagement.

    I've improved my engagement metrics to over 40% open rate atm so once again, double opt in to filter out the uninterested.

    Cheers and all the best!

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      I'm right with you on using double opt-in.

      Using double optin, my welcome email open rate is 73% (compared to 57% when using single). 28% increase, not to mention less spam complaints, bounces, and better engagement.

      Thanks for sharing your ups and downs. Your site looks interesting!

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        73% is a very high open rate. Keep up the good work.

        Thank you for the compliments. I can provide more access to the database if you just drop your email add and help me with some questions about my site here.


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    I am sending emails with AWS, and to reduce bounced emails and increase email sending reputation, I have to go one step forward.

    I use email verification services since I get spam email signups. I use Google Ads as a traffic source, but there is still some spam that Google sent to me.

    Double opt-in is much better for various reasons:

    • keep your email reputation high
    • get only real emails and real people that can buy your product
    • To know what is your actual standing

    A person who does not opt-in most likely spam or is not interested in your product in the best case.

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      Nice! Apart from AWS SES, what other tool are you using in conjunction to send emails?

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        I send emails from my SaaS, using SMTP aws. For some other promotional email list I use MailChimp.

        I plan to use https://sendy.co/ when I reach more than 2000 subscribers, I am small player for now :)

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          Every big player starts out as a small player. Go for it!

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