Do you want to learn how to code for free?

Hey everyone, Last year I went into a coding bootcamp and did pretty well thanks to my engineering background.

This bootcamp encourages you to teach so I started explaining concepts to other students and that's when I found my passion to teach and they offered me a job as a web development teacher.

After this, I've been wanting to create an online course that helps entrepreneurs with no coding skills the fundamental things to learn so that they can launch an actual working tech based MVP (tool, plugin, web app).

Since this is a pretty big task I would like to start developing it based on real user feedback so I'm looking for motivated entrepreneurs that want to learn how to code for free.

We will start with a basic fundamentals module where you'll learn about Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming using Ruby.

If this is something you'd like to do please send me an email at [email protected] and I'll send you more information about it.


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      Awesome, will be answering you with instructions soon!

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    That's really awesome that you're offering such a valuable service to people, and that you're serious about testing your ideas and talking to users!

    Anyone out there who's just getting started learning to code - this seems like a really valuable opportunity. Jump on it!

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    I've wanted to learn to code for years but it just seems like such a jungle. I wouldn't even know where to start. It seems like there's so many different possible starting/entry points and too many questions. How to choose between the different coding languages to learn? How do all the pieces/pages/scripts fit together from front-end to back-end? How do you upload your app to your website and make it run? How do the apps pull in data and where from? How to make it possible for customers to sign up/login? How to integrate payment options?

    I discovered Creative Tim the other day after seeing one of the founder's posts and when I went to the site I was blown away looking at these cool UI dashboards. I'd love to be able to build an app like those using Vue, Laravel, and other material dashboards, that are able to manipulate data, update it, illustrate it etc. Just looking at the live demo's makes you want to use/buy them!

    At the moment I am limited to creating simple Electron apps with my html knowledge, creating static apps that don't actually do anything other than display text and pictures.

    I've watched many coding tuts on Youtube but they always assume some level of prior coding knowledge. You know when they'll say "..and you just do this and this, and [something I have no idea what they mean] and voila, it's done!" And I'm like, wait a minute, you just glossed over chunks of vital information lol.

    Anyway, definitely interested!

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      Have you looked at Laracasts? I have not gone all the way through but it seems to cover many of the aspects for app creation.

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        Thanks for the suggestion. Watching now.

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      Hey Tobe! Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me your experience.

      I’m preparing something for the people that contacted me you included. will be sending something to you over the weekend I’m just waiting for at least one more person to join 😄

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