April 16, 2019

【Do you want to work in South Asia? - Job board Idea】

Kohhee Peace @kohheepeace

Hi😀 I'm making "Atube - job board focus on south Asia with videos"


  • I don't like "Winter"
  • I used to work in South Asia and It was really nice working experience.
  • Job board like "Indeed" is only text and difficult to know working atmosphere.


  1. Do you want to work in South Asia ?
  2. => If yes, Do you think you will use this service in future, if there are many job postings in this site ?
  1. 1

    Nice idea, could really have an impact on how companies research people in the market. Anyway I cannot hear the video's audio in any case. What about it?

    1. 1

      yes the audio is mute because this is fucking demo😅

      So you are programmer and you can work everywhere.

      If you want to work in south asia, what will you do to find jobs? search indeed??

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