Does anyone have tips for finding part-time lawyers/legal advisors for a startup dealing with government programs?

I'm working on a startup for simplifying immigration processes (currently focused on Canada). And am trying to find a legal advisor to stay out of trouble with my messaging on the website and with the product functionality. Anyone navigate similar situations before? Have you done a partnership with them (help for equity) or simply paid for advice?

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    Hi Nino, I'm an attorney and founder of start.law, which provides subscription legal plans for entrepreneurs. I know self-promotion is gross, but I think we could be useful to you (and simplifying immigration is something I'd like to support). Please feel free to reach out to me directly.

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      Thanks for reaching out! No problem, I would love to hear about how we could potentially collaborate. I'll reach out over email

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    1. You need help from a Canadian immigration lawyer.
    2. On paying for advice v. help for equity, it depends how much help you need. The website messaging requires one-off advice, but your product may require more than that. I don't know what kind of product you're offering. If it is a recommendation like "if you are in this situation then this is the best solution for you, click here", i.e. if you provide your users only with content, it may be better to pay once for advice and sell that advice to many customers based on their circumstances. If the product requires ongoing work, then giving away some equity may be the way to go.
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      I was thinking of iterating on the product continuously and am not sure if I'm allowed to present any advice type content on my website without the backing of a lawyer. I think I'll consult with a lawyer first but the equity seems like a safer and longer term option. Thanks for the advice!!

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        Equity is a safer option, but I thought that you may be giving up too much for too little input from the lawyer. However, if you need continuous support, equity may be cheaper for you. You can do your math best :) Good luck!

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