April 10, 2019

Does anyone use any social CRM tools?

Saul Fleischman @osakasaul

I'd really appreciate some feedback on using the data exports from our Twitter hashtag reports in social CRM tools to get things done. Automated marketing stuff.

Please see the link in https://www.quora.com/unanswered/How-can-you-use-data-from-100-of-the-Tweets-containing-any-hashtag-in-a-CRM-tool-for-marketing There's a link in there to a sample report, which has data d/l buttons. Or, use the other link in my comment, below.


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    I would love to have a sample report for #testbash - is that possible? Maybe I could post the results and thoughts here on IH? We had an event just last week with plenty of tweets going out.

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      Hi @rosiesherry, yeah, actually, the data for these reports costs us, so we do need to charge for them. Depending on the time-range you select and the number of Tweets containing any hashtag, the price can be different, but in most cases, it's just $29.

      However, if you see the Quora link, there's a link below the question for a report you can access. My question is in regards to how you would use the data downloads under the report sections.

      Any suggestions, if you try the downloads and maybe think of how you might use it in Constantcontact, Hubspot, Salesforce or other social CRMs?

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    Here's the report we did for The Next Web '18 conference: https://ritetag.com/hashtag-stats/TNW2018?uuid=e2821c13-0871-4d5b-9961-5154bc0c4963

    Please use the downloads in a social CRM product, let us know what can be done with them and if you'd like anything changed (sequence of spreadsheet fields, etc.)

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