No-Code January 21, 2021

Does no-code cause trouble to non-developer entrepreneurs?

Alper Kemal Koc 🏝️🕹️ @unremute

A lot of developer entrepreneurs do a common mistake: they develop something shiny, and then look for a problem to present it as a solution.

That does not work 99%.

With the no-code tools, non-developer entrepreneurs can also dive right into building if they like.

Could that also cause them the same mistake?

I create a poll on twitter, find it here:

Comment below, I'm curious what you think.

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    I think a lot of entrepreneurs make the same mistake :p

  2. 1

    Isn't it generally faster to build something with no-code tools? If you can get something built within a day, that's awesome for validating your idea.

    1. 3

      More complex apps take no coders months to build on Bubble.

      1. 3

        This. While it’s probably way easier to learn a couple no-code platforms than learning to code, it’s not exactly a weekend project if you’re a newbie to any of the tools.

        This was me two weeks ago. The amount of tools and platforms available while not knowing what they are exactly used for is pretty overwhelming. I’ve settled for just learning to code and taking a slower approach.

      2. 1

        Oh, I didn't know this. Thanks for letting me know @volkandkaya and @ComicDans!

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