Does the Photoatm landing page convey the right message to you?

Hello fellow indiehackers,

I have just launched PhotoATM.

PhotoATM is a tool where you can download ready-to-use graphic designs for your social handles. For most users, the designs are highly relevant, that they can use them without any edits. If needed, edits are also in-app and 1-Click.

If you go to PhotoATM -

1- What impression do you get at first glance?

2- What do you think about the product. Is it useful to you?

3- you find the content relevant to the message we are trying to convey?

4- Do you understand the pricing & license?

Thank you for your support. I am building PhotoATM in public, and I think this group is best suited for this type of feedback.

  1. 1

    Looks good. What tools did you use to build the site.

    1. 1

      Tailwindcss and svelte+sapper

  2. 1

    I think your landing page is pretty good. I understood the product and value proposition.

    Only comment is that the product is so simple and clear, that there are too many words and CTAs. I don't know if it'll improve conversion, but you can definitely cut a lot of the content out and not lose clarity.

    Your pricing page can improve

    1. What does it mean "Unlimited for 2 end products". How do you define end project? What can't I do? is this just a licensing thing or is there actual software limitation?
    2. "Teams with strength more than 3 not eligible" - ha?
    3. I don't like that you put the monthly plan next to the yearly. It took me forever to understand that one is monthly and the other is yearly?
    1. 1

      Thank you for your thorough feedback. I'll try to take these things into consideration and update the website.

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