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Does you app need to be mobile friendly?

Does your app/website need to be mobile friendly?

In 2021, should we make sure applications are mobile friendly or can this be overlooked at the beginning?

That is the question I have been asking myself. With my app https://tesolhub.co
I have tried to make it as mobile friendly as possible.

My app is B2C exclusively(it's a job board) so I need to cater to all kinds of users that use a wide range of devices.

For an app that is B2B and depending on the market that you are targeting you may be able to get away with having limited mobile friendliness.

Case and point, at the last 2 companies I have worked at , we tried to make things as responsive as possible but the mobile experience is not a priority because our customers are usually in their office or WFH and use the apps on their desktops so as long as we support the common desktop/large tablet sizes, we can get away with it.

Also, making your app mobile friendly means you may have to rethink some of the workflows in the application to cater to smaller devices.

That being said, according to the article I have linked in this post, more than half the global internet traffic comes from mobile devices so, can we really afford to not make the mobile experience as good as possible from the start and risk losing potential customers in the process?

What strategy do you use for your app? I am keen to hear your thoughts.

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