Does your business have a mobile app? I'll download and submit an app review.

I launched Remotime: Freelancer Invoicing to the google and apple app stores 4 months ago.
I use the term "launched" rather speculatively, because I didn't really tell anyone other than my 100 or so twitter followers - which are mostly developers, not freelancers - and a small product update here on indie hackers.

One thing that helps tremendously with app adoption and discovery is favorable app store reviews - which are very difficult to come by if you don't have some sort of lead generator getting eyes on your app in the first place.

So if I'm finding this a challenge, I'm guessing there are a few others out there like me experiencing the same thing.

So here I am, calling all app owners with a presence on the app store: I will download and review your app, just post a link in the comments, and I will get to as many as I can. (If you're not seeing my review, remember to filter by region - I'm in South Africa)

... and if you're an indie hacker reading this - a really easy way help app developers out is to spend a couple minutes downloading their app and leaving a favorable review - feel free to select a few and help me out with the links in the comments ;)

Finally, as a way to continue this long after this post has been lost in the indie hacker threads of time, here's a github repo where you can submit your app and link for others to find. Don't know how to submit a GitHub pull request? Send me a message, and I'll help you get listed.

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    Would love a review for https://www.reschedule.app.

    I'e had problems with people downloading the app and leaving a review immediately. I would use the app for a day or two before leaving a review. I'll download Remotime now/.

    1. 1

      good point. Use the app enough to get a good sense of what it does, and the value it offers. Only fair to other users looking in - so if you don't think the app has any value, then give it a skip ;)

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        Just submitted a review

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    Hi Malcolm,

    Thank you for the offer, I released my app Howdy: Journaling & Self-reflection last week and submitted TODAY an update to 1.2.0: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/howdy-journaling-reflection/id1581975006 — the app is paid, so please ignore it unless it's something you would find interesting to use (I would provide the promo code, but Apple doesn't allow review after an app is redeemed...)

    I generally run a "startup builder" for founders who want to start their company but don't know where to start and this app is one of my own products that I built for pleasure/portfolio/test to promote and attract customers to my business :-)


    1. 1

      Hey Paweł,

      Unfortunately, it's not something that I would use. Such a pity the app stores don't allow a free trial system like they do for subscriptions :(

      Best of luck,

      1. 2

        Yes it's a shame there's no "trial for 3 days" feature in the App Store :-( But thank you for your time anyway!

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    Hi Malcolm,

    Thank you for the offer. Link to my app is below: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/company-360/id1464857130

    Company 360 is a research app to do proper due diligence on the public company prior to investing. Helps retail investors that use bare back brokerage platforms that don’t offer research.

    Thank you,

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