Doing sponsored videos / posts w/ social media influencers?

One of the ideas I'm working on is a dating app with some unique features to make it different. (Think dating app meets video game)

I'm planning to put up a teaser page to let people join the wait list, with a discount for those who join.

I think it could be worth the money if I could do some sponsored videos / instagram posts with some relevant social media influencers - but being new to this, I have no idea how much that might cost and how effective it would be.

  1. Is there a standard platform where people can hire social media influencers who are interested in doing sponsored videos / posts?

  2. Around how much does it cost?

  3. Has anyone ever used a channel like this before - what kind of results did you get?

Thank you!


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    Something like this would be great if you could put the fee on the Influencers side. Customer pays the Influencer $50 for a post, the service takes 10% of that $50 or a flat $10 fee. Something for the starter businesses.

    I'll be following this.

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    Happy to advise. I run influence.directory which lists agencies who can help. many have high minimum fees (think $50k). Check out the list of marketplaces here: http://influence.directory/creatorscape/

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      That's way out of my budget as a bootstrapped single founder..

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        Yep, it's for huge marketing budgets. but some agencies who send free product will do $2,500 per month fees. which may still be out of your budget.

        I've seen many study and go do influencer marketing on their own. Then hire an agency to take over once it's proven to work for their type of business.

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    Hi , do send me your requirement and we can help you out.

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