Dollar Sign's Role On The Engagement

I just click-baited indiehackers, some get annoyed some probably took notes. It was done with good intention, I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise.

Even tho it wasn't on my schedule I went back to the Indiehackers dataset that I shared recently and checked the fact if $ sign has a role on the engagement.

Here are the results;

From 20246 threads;

  • average upvotes 5.41, max 358
  • average replies 7.30, max 572
       numUpvotes  numReplies
count    20246.00    20246.00
mean         5.41        7.30
max        358.00      572.00

2879 threads with digits in the title

  • average upvotes 8.98, max 180
  • average replies 10.29, max 483
       numUpvotes  numReplies
count     2879.00     2879.00
mean         8.98       10.29
max        180.00      483.00

636 threads with $ in the title

  • average upvotes 13.51, max 180
  • average replies 11.43, max 90
       numUpvotes  numReplies
count      636.00      636.00
mean        13.51       11.43
max        180.00       90.00

3 more runs with 636 samples that doesn't contain $ sign in the title.

       numUpvotes  numReplies
count      636.00      636.00
mean         4.95        7.50
max         65.00      220.00

       numUpvotes  numReplies
count      636.00      636.00
mean         4.32        6.95
max         49.00      160.00

       numUpvotes  numReplies
count      636.00      636.00
mean         5.50        7.72
max         77.00      197.00


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    About the click-bait as a battle-test.

    These are the previous questions I've asked, with their view counts.
    83 Help me with the name and the copy
    46 Help me decide.
    25 ASK IH: How would you value a twitter profile?
    61 Where else do you hang-out?

    Literally says, help or ask.

    And this is the bait within hours.
    531 I paid $3k for these card designs, did I get scammed?


    I forgot to mention that I shared a milestone at the same time guess what
    26 Twitter Cards Are Ready

    you get 28x views when you get scammed, the bait reached 700 views with lots of haters. 🤷‍♂️ You've been baited everyday for several times. I become the bad guy when I tell you this. It's hard to be you, life must be hard on you.


    People are complaining like they were scammed, downvoting my comments to make me laugh. Just be aware of your surrounding. These are the people actually waiting for you to fail. They get upset because I didn't get scammed and lost $3k.

    I didn't rickrolled, I baited and presented my work which is free and I think valuable for entrepreneurs while explaining the bait. Trying to be helpful. If they were here to help, it was so easy to ignore it or just laugh at it and move on. But no.


    1. 0

      lol, someone get hurt so bad. starting to feel sorry. don't be so emotional kiddo.
      it's the 10th view and you are already here? good boy.

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