Don't Make 100 Decisions When One Will Do

Southwest Airlines is the only airline that has been profitable for 47 consecutive years.

This is the industry which makes millionaires out of billionaires.

So what is the secret of success for Southwest Airlines? They use only one model of aircraft - Boeing 737. Every other success factor is a derivative of this decision.

Because they use a single type of aircraft,

  • The training costs are lower
  • The maintenance costs are lower
  • Rescheduling is easy

They use these benefits to offer cheaper prices, which attract more customers. Hence, they are able to build a flywheel around their single aircraft model.

Peter Drucker is a proponent of "making a lead decision that removes hundreds of other decisions."

You can follow this principle in your life too.

In this episode of Gravitas WINS Radio, I give three examples of how I use "lead decisions" that removes hundreds of other decisions.

Please listen and let me know your comments: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0ccdnK73An8C75sYXgEY2Y?si=8Vu6J3sCRB641PqlyGqlPg&nd=1

  1. 4

    Yes! Simplicity over complexity is actually a competitive advantage (especially for indie entrepreneurs)

  2. 2

    Wow impressive ! Thanks for sharing. But It's not always obvious what decisous will make the difference.

  3. 2

    Nice simple idea that we often overlook. Thanks for this reminder. Now I'm thinking of ways to incorporate this into my business.

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