Don't take action in 2021...

...do it NOW.

We are 5 days away from 2021.

RIGHT NOW. Stop whatever you're doing and start taking action. Start the blog you've been meaning to do, start exercising or taking cold showers.

Whatever you were planning to do in 2021, don't wait for New Years Day, start doing it now. It will already give you a 5 day head-start and you already feel the habit growing on you, once January 1st rolls around.

As a source of inspiration, I've given away two stacks of clothes to the homeless shelter to push towards my goal of becoming more minimalist. Also planned and executed a new exercise routine to get fit.

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    That's cool! 2 days ago I gave up my home, donated most of my clothing to a thrift shop and set off on a road trip throughout covid-infested Europe from Estonia. Am now stuck in Poland. I hope to make it to the south of Europe and settle there with a brand new life, and I'm also working on my own start-up thing, which I hope will one day grow into a sustainable business. 2021 to me is more of an iteration period than a start.

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      What an adventure! Good luck!

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      Man, sounds like an adventure! Enjoy

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    Well said! People romanticize the start of new 365 days way too much. There is no better time to start than now!

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    As soon as I read this post, what came to mind are the bug fixes and features I'd need to push very soon. Thanks for the reminder.

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