Double bottom line: Why isn't this something indie hackers talk about more?

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    I think this is kind of related:

    A year or two ago, this was somewhat a topic on IH, but I don't think the community/sustainability/social aspects took much hold. The part that stuck was that Indie Hackers need to build differently.

    I like the idea of having a social-forward company, but I'm also still waiting for my first paying customer.

    Last, I listened to a podcast about charity a couple months ago, and one of the things they talked about was another issue:
    When you're not making a lot of money, 10% seems like too much to donate, and you don't want to commit.
    When you're making a ton of money, 10% seems like too much to donate because it's just a lot of money.

    Interesting to me. But there are lots of IHers with different ideas, political leanings, cultures, etc. I think it's easier to just not talk about these things people may disagree on because indie hacking is already difficult enough :-P

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    Why isn't this something indie hackers talk about more?

    I didn't even know the concept existed. I googled it when someone said it in a Clubhouse room and couldn't believe there was a whole Wikipedia page on it. But then I did a search on Indie Hackers for this term and didn't get any results :(

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      The term must be making a comeback I guess. It's normally called CSR isn't it, corporate social responsibility?

      I'm actually into ethics but I'm also tangled up in the financial markets. It's hard to place capital ethically!

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