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Drafting basic Privacy policy & Usage T&C?

Hi all,

I am working on an idea that I hope to bring into production very soon. Before going live however I would like to put up a reasonable privacy policy and T&C around usage.

What are the good resources out there that I can use? I plan to collect email address, first name, last name, payment (through Stripe) and use GA, Sendgrid etc.

Some of the template generators I have seen either is way too simple or needs me to fork out cash the moment I need support or GA/Sendgrid usage or GDPR/CCPA support etc.

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    Termly.io is quite good generator for privacy policy, but for the GDPR the cookie banner and consent collection is equally important.
    Terms of Service is a different document (it is the contract between you and the customer) and shall be adjusted to your business. If you use generator, make sure you read it thoroughly and tweak it where needed.

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