Looking to Partner Up April 28, 2019

drop ideas on models and find partners


I've been thinking about launching my ideas in indiehackers for a few days through static landing pages in html and css and who likes the idea of ​​becoming partners

What do you think of this idea? should I do it? I do not worry about the idea being stolen because if I do not share it, I do not know if it has an interest.

my idea with this is to find someone who is interested in the idea and wants to develop it together

#looking-for-cofounder #co-founder

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    That's a step too far. Just make a post talking about what you want to do, what problem you're solving, why you wanna solve it, etc. That takes way less time than building anything.

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      Solid comment here. @Sergiblue share your idea first! build something require a massive investment of time, so it's very unlikely someone will stole it.
      Do you tried to validate your idea with business model canvas ?