DynaBlogger now has a free plan (+ a few questions)

Hi guys,

a few days ago I posted about the launch of my new blogging platform DynaBlogger (https://www.dynablogger.com).

A few people who have signed up suggested a couple of things:

  1. that I add a free plan so to make it easier for more people to give it a try;
  2. that a free subscription is created automatically when the user signs up without having to choose the free plan manually. So they only need to upgrade to another plan if they want to.

So I have made both changes today and the sign up workflow is indeed easier and quicker now so it was a good suggestion. The free plan has a few limits (e.g. no custom domains) but it's a good option for small blogs/sites.

I was wondering how many of you use the freemium model for their product? How long has your product had a free plan and what has your experience been like with this so far? Has it helped spread the word / get more people to try your product? Have you had any problems with free users? I've read quite often that having a free plan can kinda be a pain from a support point of view.

Sorry for the many questions and thanks in advance!

  1. 1

    One thing I didn't get is whether the blog can be connected to a domain, or things will be at myblog.dynablogger.com.

    1. 1

      Hi! The free plan creates a *.dynablogger.net sub domain. With a paid plan you can add any custom domains :)

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