Each landing page is a "sell me this pen" practice.

Hey guys,

You remember that great the scene from Wolf of Wall Street.

  • "Brad, show me how it's done, sell me that pen"

Then Brad asks Jordan to write something down.
Boom! Demand and Supply.

Well, I see many of us, start talking about features before the problem we are solving. Don't push your value proposition blindly on your landing page. First, focus on the problem and agitate it.

Agree or Disagree? Let's take the discussion from here.

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    Good points, @omert08

    That's kind of what I'm trying to accomplish with BotMeNot's homepage. Focusing on the undesired effects of bot activity and then letting people know how can BMN help. Still WIP, though.


  2. 1

    Definitely. This is why your landing page title should be something like

    "Create beautiful presentations, brochures and posters. For free."
    and not
    "Your all-in-one visual communication solution"

    "Get your property in front of thousands of renters. No ads"
    and not
    "Modern solution. Rapid growth"

    "Learn a language for free. Forever."
    and not
    "We're the top free platform for language learning."

    You get the point.

    Here's an amazing resource for more info: https://www.demandcurve.com/playbooks/above-the-fold#a00ucbd58w3jjg62stnx2

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