Early Access to the Serverless SaaS boilerplate

Finally, Serverless SaaS goes live! 🎉

Serverless SaaS is a boilerplate that will give you a great starting point for your next React app to build SaaS applications. For the last couple of months, I have been working hard to implement features like authentication, billing, teams, and a lot more. And now it's time to start early access.

If you are interested you can be one of the first to work with this starter-kit and save lots of time building your next (SaaS) application. In the upcoming days, you can still get it with a 50% discount!

Just visit https://serverless.page/ to find all the information you need. If you have any questions or feedback please let me know.

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    Congrats, been following this for a while, looks really good!

    I like it a lot, although personally I'm not looking to use firebase functions for the backend Stripe / Auth functions.

    Still might buy it though...

    How easy would it be for me to refactor?

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      The Cloud Functions look a lot like regular nodejs functions, so I think you could refactor most of them easily. The only problem is that Cloud Functions integrate very well with Firestore, so in some of the functions, we subscribe or update data in our Firestore. For example, the Stripe webhook function will update the users document with their subscription data:

      const subscription = await getSubscription(subscriptionId);
      const docData = { ...subscription, stripeCustomerId };
      await db.doc(`users/${uid}`).set(docData, { merge: true });

      This should be doable in lambda functions as well, but subscribing to a document and detecting a change is something Cloud Functions can only do.

      If you decide to try out the boilerplate, I would recommend first give Firebase a try. It's very solid and also pretty cheap if you store your data well.

      You can use the discount code "early-adopter" to get an extra 10% off. Available until the end of the week. ;)

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        Thanks, Grabbing it now!

        I guess I'd almost never have to re-deploy those firebase functions that come prebuilt to handle Auth / Billing (even if I had a separate backend on top of the Firestore CRUD). So, it's not that big of a deal to leave it separate.

        1. 1

          Thanks! I really appreciate it. I recommend to go to https://serverless.page/activate and fill in your Github and License key. You will be added to the private repository so you can follow updates, report issues, etc.

          If you have any questions or feedback I would love to hear from you. You can mail me at jake[@]raterfox.com

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    Love this and very well may try it for an upcoming project. Know any good devs that can help me get going?

    1. 1

      Any developer who knows a little bit of React could help you out. The great thing about going serverless with Firebase is that you could basically build a full-stack application with just a frontend developer.

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    This looks cool. Just subscribed.

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