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Early Bird Cyber Monday deals for Indie Hackers🐓

Hey everyone, let's help each other out!

I know there've been some Black Friday deals floating around here. But who's got something cooking for Cyber Monday?

Whether it's your own Cyber Monday deal, or a deal you found somewhere else (wink-wink, nudge-nudge all those juicy AppSumo deals), we could all use a discount on a business-saving product.😉

Leave a comment below with the link and a short description of the product/service offered.👇

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    I'll start! - Pardon the long links

    50% off MightyForms: Create smarter web forms that manage data for you: https://bit.ly/3785gu3

    Plus a cool plugin for WordPress users:
    MPG: Multiple Pages Generator plugin for WordPress, easily create and manage thousands of unique pages. 20% OFF all plans. Code: MPG202020

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