Easily take payments in browser extensions

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    I made ExtensionPay for my own extensions and wanted to share it with fellow IndieHackers! I've already got extension-makers on it making money every day and figured it would help lower the barriers for others to make profitable browser extensions.

    ExtensionPay allows you to take one-time or recurring subscription payments directly in your extension without needing to run your own server backend, saving weeks of tedious work. It works cross-browser, is open-source, and free to sign up. I hope you try it! <3

    P.S. And yes you can make money with browser extensions! Just look at @jdnoc who makes $41k/month with a browser extension.

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      This looks awesome!

      I integrated stripe before for my web apps, it does need a web server to safely create checkout sessions. In your case, I assume you are using Connected Accounts feature from stripe to do this for us?

      Also, shameless plug, I'm currently working on a no code website builder Typedream.com, our team are looking for websites to be remade using our tool. I'd love to remake https://extensionpay.com if you're down! Shoot me a DM if you're interested!

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