Easily view your top tweets / Sharing my first project

Hey y'all, I just want to share https://www.tweetsort.io/ even though it's not something that will make any money. It's my first time having an idea, and then turning that into a functioning website that's more than a blog or static site. It feels good to make stuff. Also, I just want to start being active in this community.

I have many years experience lurking on Reddit. Going to a subreddit and viewing the top posts of all time is one of my favorite past-times. It's a great way to learn and discover new content. On Twitter, I follow some of the most talented people in their respective fields. I wanted a way to see their most popular content.

This project was going to be a 'failure' from the start, in the sense that it won't make money. Even better, it doesn't even show a true representation of all an account's top tweets! The Twitter API limits us to see only an account's last ~3,200 tweets. So accounts with more tweets than that aren't accurately being analyzed. I could pay for premium API access, or web scrape for this data but I don't think either is worth it.

Even with just a few thousand tweet limit, I've been enjoying this tool for myself. For prolific accounts, it gets tweets on average over the last year. So for an account like @realDonaldTrump you can see the top tweets from all of 2020. That in itself has been valuable to me.

Some accounts I enjoyed querying:

There's a few more things I could say, but I'll stop here. If you use the tool and find some great accounts to lurk through using it, please share in the comments! Going forward, it costs nothing to keep the site up, so I'll probably just use it to look through new accounts I come across on Twitter in order to decide if I want to follow them.

Thanks for reading.

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    This is amazing - here's how I would/will use this tool going forward:

    I find someone I think its worth following from IH/RTs/HN etc

    I take their @ and put it in your tool

    I read their top 5 highest tweets

    I look at the date, is it recent? Then it's probably worth following
    Is it old content? Then the account is sleeper


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      and by that metrics, I'm a shitposter - no wonder nobody follows me!

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    nice tool. I've analyzed my tweets with most reach and re-schedule them for some future time.

    maybe you can position you product around that, what do you think?

    a monthly email with my top tweets would be nice. This is kind of tools that I will play a bit today and totally forget about it. Repeating emails will drive ppl back.

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      Interesting idea! Thank you for the feedback. It would help keep the tool relevant over time. And yes, this is very much a one and done kind of tool. Something else in this vein is the bad music taste spotify analyzer (https://pudding.cool/2020/12/judge-my-spotify/)

      I wanted to start small for my first project, and also learn how to deploy something, how to make a react app, etc. So mostly it was a good learning experience. When I start building more long term projects I will definitely keep in mind to judge ideas on their recurring value.

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    Interesting, if you have plans on further development. I'd like to see options for include_rts and exclude_replies. Also it would be better if sorting logic separated, instead of querying again.

    I check the premium API pricing, well there is another solution¹ but fetching tons of tweets is time consuming and I think it returns enough results as it is.

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      Thank you for the feedback. I agree, having sorting logic implemented on front end would save time after the initial query and would be easy to implement (copy and paste logic from backend). In addition to that, I'm rendering all tweets on a page at once, where I could render them from top to bottom in a chain which would get to a readable state a lot faster.

      Web scraping tools would allow a larger collection of tweets to analyze but yeah it would be really slow.

      As for including retweets and excluding replies, personally I'm not interested in stuff they retweeted, since I want to see content they themselves have contributed, but those could easily be options implemented on the frontend.

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        Sorting logic on front end would also contribute to rate limiting. I've suggested include_rts and exclude_replies as they are stated like that in the documentation¹. I didn't mean to say include or exclude either one.

        It was nice to see popular tweets by those popular accounts but when I flip to ascending, I only get replies with 0 likes which wasn't so interesting to me. I'd rather see which tweets get the least. 🤷‍♂️ Including retweets could help to see curator accounts' activity.

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