EDGE - Experiment driven growth engine

For the past year, I've been working on experimentation and used a version of Airtable's EVELYN template to organize, prioritize, and keep track of the experiments.
One of the problems I've faced was how to keep everything documented, synced, and organized, especially if the company uses different tools like Jira, Confluence, and Asana to keep track of everything else.

When I joined Krisp I faced the same challenge again, and EVELYN + my usual templates added friction to the process and was hard to explain and get the team's buy-in.
Since Krisp uses Notion as the main documentation tool, I decided to simplify the process by converting all of my templates into notion documents.

After many iterations EDGE (Experiment Driven Growth Engine) was born.
The flexibility of Notion allowed me to have the EVELYN formulas, power up my documentation templates, and combine everything on one single board. Making the process way more simple to understand and use.

Honoring EVELYN is available for everyone to use, here is our latest EDGE version for you to copy and use freely.


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