Embeddable Community Platform

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    Can you also make a embedable chat that works with an iFrame? Would be something really cool for no-code applications!

    Just like this: https://jam.systems/ that is the same but then an audioroom!

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      originally, that's what we had. we're working on bringing that back. just give me a few days.

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        Oh awesome! Would love to try that out!

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          you can literally try it out right now. it boots up a new tab, but, we'll have it float. you can see that we had built that out a while ago:



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            That’s great!

            Here is my idea:

            I would love to be able to start chatrooms between the users from my no-code app based on webviews (iFrames).

            I already made a chat using no-code, but it isn’t as nice as we are used to in our daily chat apps (signal, telegram etc)

            I will have a chat button on a profile page. It opens the chat page (full mobile screen). The page will exist out of a webview (iFrame) with a url (with parameters I stored in my used db for example). That will be their chatroom from now one.

            Would something like that be possible? I think there would be great demand for it (but always validate haha)!

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              you can make as many community spaces as you want. it really is that simple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvWU9zWzU9E

              each one has a distinct link that you can share.

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    The most important update has been released! Now, you can embed a community EVERYWHERE. Really. Try it.

    Have fun...! Remember, it's just a game.

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